About Us

The Transcontinental has a long and important history within Port Augusta and the far north of South Australia.

The newspaper has come a long way from its humble beginnings as the North Western Star printed in Wilmington in 1912.

The original owners were a Mr and Mrs R. Barclay, however they sold the business shortly after relocating it to Port Augusta in 1917.

The paper was sold to Messers J.E. Edwards and M.H Hill, both Port Augusta residents.

The fledgling newspaper carried an endorsement “The only Federal newspaper in the Commonwealth”, which reflected Port Augusta’s attitude of itself, much of the expansion of the town was due to the advent of the Commonwealth Railways.

The paper has survived through several eras of Australian history and gone from strength to strength.

The newspaper is a weekly in tabloid form that covers local and regional news.

The office of The Transcontinental, Port Augusta.