Nuclear waste protest

PROTEST: Hawker rally sign. PHOTO: Tobias Titz
PROTEST: Hawker rally sign. PHOTO: Tobias Titz

People power was in full force over the weekend, and it was directed against the federal government’s proposed nuclear waste facility.

‘Yanakanai Ngarpala Yarta - Come Here to Our Country’, saw 70 people travel to the proposed national nuclear waste dump site at Wallerberdina in the Flinders Ranges.

It was at the invitation of Adnyamathanha Traditional Owner and neighbour to the proposed site,Regina McKenzie,  

Ms McKenzie made her opposition to the proposal clear.

“We don’t own the land, the land owns us. If you poison the land, you poison us,” she said.

At the three day camp, from October 7-9, Regina McKenzie shared her knowledge of the land and its cultural significance, including Australia’s first registered song-line, which runs from Hawker to Lake Torrens.

Supporters were taken to one of the world’s richest archaeological sites, and the sacred Hookina Springs.

More than 150 people gathered on Sunday and marched from the Blue Burt Memorial Park to the main intersection of Hawker, chanting “don’t waste the Flinders, dump the dump now!”

The rally was addressed by Traditional Owners, local pastoralists and members of the Flinders Local Action Group.

Hawker GP Dr Susan Andersson remains critical of the proposal.

“The continued availability of nuclear medicine services does not depend on a permanent waste repository. Less than one percent of the low level waste is medical waste,” she said.

Supporters across Australia will hold protests, film screenings and meetings for a national day of action against the nuclear waste dumps targeted for South Australia on October 15.