Winners remind us of what’s good about life

What’s a good thing in life? It’s a tough question but it’s one Australia Day helps me remember – helping others.

The winners for the Port Augusta Community Event of the Year 2017 and Citizen of the Year 2017 award are first-hand examples of what it means to do something good.

Suzanne Page was awarded the Citizen of the Year award for her outstanding community work.

She doesn’t just juggle 10 different volunteer roles, work at Uniting Care Wesley SA and looks after two sons with special needs, she shows us what we can all do.

I can’t recall how many times I’ve had some spare time on my hands and thought, why aren’t I helping someone in my community? It may only be a couple of hours helping Meals on Wheels, the Salvation Army or one of the many other important organisations, but I now feel inspired to do it.

And to see the Port Augusta awarded the Port Augusta Community Event of the Year 2017 was inspiring for another reason.

In a world of mass-marketing where every piece of technology is bombarded with advertisements for junk food and sugar-loaded ‘breakfast’ cereals, it’s refreshing to hear community sport is highly valued.

Apart from the economic benefits of having 1200 people visit Port Augusta, there are the intangible qualities an event like this holds.

Can it inspire a first-timer who may have never picked up a sport before, who after having a great time with friends for a whole weekend, to start begging their mum and dad for them to play sport?

We can certainly hope so, because that’s where this editorial has come from – hope. 

I hope we as a community can use these two fine examples of making our lives, and the lives of others, substantially more fulfilling. And in a world of exacerbated negatives, hope can restore our faith.