Our Corka Bubs brings engaging show to Port Augusta

BUBS: Our Corka Bubs performer Taree Sansbury. PHOTO: Chris Herzfeld.
BUBS: Our Corka Bubs performer Taree Sansbury. PHOTO: Chris Herzfeld.

Our Corka Bubs creates memorable moments where babies and dance meet in the first Aboriginal contemporary dance work for babies.

And the enigmatic performance is coming to Port Augusta’s LG Riches Building, on Saturday March 4, with two shows at 11:30am and 1:30pm.

Grounded in Australia’s First Nation’s culture, Our Corka Bubs is captivating storytelling through movement and music choreographed specifically for babies under 2 years and their carers.

Made by renowned South Australian Aboriginal choreographer Gina Rings, a small audience of babies and their carers are transfixed through movement and play that draw strongly from aspects of Australian Aboriginal culture.

Gina said being one of the main creatives on Our Corka Bubs was a ‘unique opportunity’.

“This delicate and eloquently choreographed show for babies is beautifully crafted to provide a magical sonic space for babies to be immersed in our cultures,” she said.

“This show gives way for highly experienced performers to draw upon a new set of skills and techniques especially needed for a show such as this.

“And with the guidance and experience drawn from Sally Chance’s This (Baby) Life, and music composed by Heather Frahn in collaboration with our Aboriginal musicians, we were able to create a very special show for babies and parents to enjoy together.”

Gina said Our Corka Bubs is especially lucky to have with us the two sisters Caleena and Taree Sansbury who will be performing with their uncle, Owen Love.

Our Corka Bubs is grounded in theories of early childhood development and Aboriginal storytelling.

The performance uses gentle motifs and gestural dance along with traditional live and recorded sounds.

This mixture creates a gently interactive and transformative work paying attention to a baby’s need to both explore and to feel secure.

Our Corka Bubs had This (Baby) Life by founder of Restless Dance Theatre, Sally Chance, as its starting point.

Her research into the cultural lives of babies and the value of immersive dance performance has been tested nationally and internationally.

Through a collaborative process Sally and Gina have brought to life a new dance form with cultural respect in mind.

For more information, please visit www.countryarts.org.au/show/our-corka-bubs/.