Northern Power Station felling March 3

POWER STATION: The felled Western Coal Bunker and Transfer Tower H at the Northern Power Station.
POWER STATION: The felled Western Coal Bunker and Transfer Tower H at the Northern Power Station.

The Western Coal Bunker, Transfer Tower H and associated connecting conveyors at the Northern Power Station site in Port Augusta were safely and successfully felled at 9am, Monday March 6, according to Flinders Power.

The felling used small cutting charges engineered to weaken the structures.

This enabled a controlled fall in a designated zone set by relevant organisations.

Staff and contractors remained outside the exclusion zone while a small team of charge-felling experts controlled the activity. 

While the coal bunkers had been washed out twice prior to the felling, localised dust was visible immediately following the felling and the local community had been advised of the likelihood of this prior to Monday’s event. 

The dust dissipated quickly and prevailing winds prevented the spread of dust over Port Augusta.  

Flinders Power and McMahons Services have coordinated the demolition with the relevant government agencies and emergency services, to ensure the highest safety and environmental standards.

An appropriate land and sea exclusion zone was strictly enforced by SA Police, and security contractors. 

A section of the Upper Spencer Gulf being South of the Playford ‘A’ station and North of the Northern Power Station inlet and outlet Channels was an exclusion zone from 7am until the demolition was complete and the area declared safe.

There was no accessible line of sight to this charge felling event, unlike the A station stack demolition in September 2016, as these structures were within the confines of the Northern Power Station. 

During the felling, local residents reported detonation process “pops” that were audible during the process and some coal dust was generated as a result. 

The real-time dust monitors did not show any increased level of dust off site following the event.

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