Port Augusta Red Hatters celebrate first birthday

ANGELS: The Port Augusta-based Red Hatters, Augusta Arid Angels, at their first birthday celebration.
ANGELS: The Port Augusta-based Red Hatters, Augusta Arid Angels, at their first birthday celebration.

How many red hatters does it take to start a party? If you ask the Port Augusta-based Augusta Arid Angels, the answer would be only one.

So you can imagine the rambunctious behaviour that was on display when the proud local group of Red Hatters celebrated their first birthday on Wednesday, May 24, at the Puma Port Augusta Truckstop.

The group of 15 consists of local women older than 50 who regularly meet wearing red hats, purple attire and plenty of flashy jewelry.

They also delve in some craft-work and Queen (group organiser) Vivacious Vicki said it is wonderful to see the group going strong one year on.

She said the idea to create the group started from a ‘group of girls having fun and enjoying themselves’.

“It is important to have in Port Augusta, but there’s Red Hatters in Quorn, Whyalla, Pirie, Whyalla … and world-wide so it has been going for a long time,” she said.

“But I just thought I would get together mostly because most of these girls … I have known through sport groups and been involved before we were married

“So we were kind of like lost friends and we all enjoy a good time.”

When one of the angels celebrates a birthday, they have to wear a special red gown and tiara during catch-ups.

The Red Hat Society is an international social organisation that was founded in 1998 in the United States for women aged 50 and beyond, but is now open to women of all ages.

There are more than 20,000 chapters in the US and 30 other countries.

The group makes an effort to give back to local businesses by hosting meetings at Port Augusta restaurants and coffee bars.

Whether it is Adorable Annie, Hopeful Heather or Countess Colleen, the Augusta Arid Angels are putting a bright mark on Port Augusta’s contribution to the fabulous world of Red Hatters.

Wearing the red gown in the photograph, above on this page, is 91-year-old member Adorable Annie.

She celebrated the occasion in style.