Spencer Gulf League Round 7 Preview

A GRADE: South Augusta's Thomas Hamilton lines up for goal.

A GRADE: South Augusta's Thomas Hamilton lines up for goal.

Central Augusta seemed to have slumped back into poor form after failing to score a goal against Solomontown. South also suffered a loss in Round 6, but a respectable one to West.

Central do not seem at all competitive, but will be clinging onto the hope that they can return to the form that saw them win against Port two rounds ago. South seem among the top level in the league and I expect them to get the points this time.

Last Time: South (101) def. Central (53). Patrick’s Pick: South by 45 points.

Prop-Risdon Lions pulled off a fantastic win over Port last week, while West Augusta just scraped over the line against South. As has been the case every week, West are so hard to tip against.

Lions haven’t got a terrific record at Port Oval this year. From the two games they have played there have just beaten Port by 19 points and lost to Sollies by 3. It would definitely be an upset if Lions recorded the win.

Last Time: West (84) def. Lions (54). Patrick’s Pick: West by 36 points.

After the biggest win of the season over Central to the tune of 125 points, Solomontown bring loads of confidence into their Round 7 match against Port.

Port started the season well but after back-to-back losses to Central and Lions, they have slipped down the ladder to fifth. They haven’t shown enough to suggest they will win this week.

Last Time: Port (27) def. by Sollies (100). Patrick’s Pick: Sollies by 60 points.