Spencer Gulf League: South Augusta defeats Central Augusta

FOOTBALL: Kareem Aitken looks to offload a handball in South Augusta's convincing 65-point win against Central Augusta. PHOTO: Amy Green.

FOOTBALL: Kareem Aitken looks to offload a handball in South Augusta's convincing 65-point win against Central Augusta. PHOTO: Amy Green.

THE result was decided at quarter-time in the match between South and Central Augusta, as the Bulldogs kicked nine goals to none in the first term.

The game was fairly even after that, but Central were unable to gain any ascendancy until the last quarter, where they kicked five goals to one. It was far too late though, as South ran away with a 135-70 win.

Central regained a number of their better players in Clayton Crabbe, Nick Callary, Lucas Hill and Liam Nelson, along with Alex Hosking and young gun Chandler Nelson-Edwards. South brought key backmen Simon Brusnahan and Craig Shirley back into their side.

Ryan Struck and Kyle Colson were both strong against their old clubs and, of course, received plenty of attention from their opposition.

South were ruthless in the first quarter by turning any slight Central error into a score. Gary Warren kicked four goals in a row to push Central further away, while Brendon Colson kicked three of his own.

The one moment that pleased the Central fans in the opening term was the brilliant mark from Chandler Nelson-Edwards. This grab would no doubt win mark of the year as he soared over the top of big Matt Downey, which is an incredible jump, and brought the ball down.

Central finally hit the board with their first goal since Round 5 through Elijah Edwards, but South carried on with their dominance after goals to Ackland Kildea and Gary Warren helped them to a 63-point half-time buffer.

Central were determined to finish the game strongly and they did that, but once again, they could not put together a complete performance.

They cannot continue to let sides get a significant jump on them early in games as it is costing them plenty.

Central were able to win the last quarter by kicking five goals and four behinds to South’s one goal eleven. However, this was the only positive they could take out of this game.

Kyle Colson was playing his first game against his old side and with his brother Brendon at the other end of the ground kicking goals for the opposition, he was determined to have an impact on the game.

After half time, he bettered his brother by kicking six goals to Brendon’s five. This battle was exciting to watch and although Kyle kicked more majors, Brendon had the true bragging rights with his side claiming a 65-point win.

South Augusta maintain third place with eight points, while Central are rooted to the bottom of the ladder with just two points.

Meanwhile in an all Port Pirie clash, Solomontown obliterated Port in a 121-point victory to move two points clear of West Augusta at the top of the SGL standings.

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