Watoto Children's Choir performs at Stirling North Primary

A sea of smiling faces flooded the Stirling North Primary School gymnasium as the music of the Watoto Children’s Choir rang throughout. 

The Choir, a group of orphans from Uganda, had the Stirling North students from reception all the way through to year seven on their feet cheering and dancing.

On their six-month Australian tour, Stirling North are just one of the many venues which have been lucky enough to see the choir perform. 

Virginia Lockwood the school’s Pastoral Care Worker said hosting the choir gave the students a chance to engage in the culture and life they bring with them. 

“It exposes our children to a life outside of their own,” she said.

“It showcased that children around the world face challenges not unlike the ones our children face and can overcome them and come up smiling.”

Between songs the Ugandan children charmed the attentive audience and spoke with them about their country and life at home.

“The children learnt about another country, what's important to that country and that we are all the same,” Ms Lockwood said.

“They really enjoyed the music and some year five and six (students) remembered some of the cultural facts they learnt.”

In fact, Ms Lockwood said the only complaint she heard from the day was that the kids didn’t get enough time to play with their Ugandan counterparts. 

Many students even said it was “they best thing they had seen” and another received a necklace from Uganda as a gift for her performance on stage. 

“I was really pleased with the level of engagement and heard the Watoto kids say how much they enjoyed being here,” she said.

Although the choir have now moved on, Ms Lockwood said she hopes the kids will walk away with the lasting impression that children are the same all over the world.