2017 netball Grand Final winners | GALLERY

Check out all of the Grand Final winners from the 2017 Port Augusta Netball season.

Senior Grand Final results

A GRADE: Railways 45 def. Vikings 33

Best in Final: Claire Schupelius

Transcontinental Medlaist: Erin Egel and Leah Carling

Most Valuable Player: Lisa Bahr

Most Consistent: Tylah Jackson and Ellie Packard

B GRADE: Railways 43 def. St. Josephs 31

Best in Final: Sandy Glamuzina

Fairest and Best: Eliza Parker

R/up Fairest and Best: Alice Wilsdon

Most Consistent: Kiara Welk

C GRADE: Vikings 62 def. Shamrocks 47

Best in Final: Lily Fullerton

Fairest and Best: Carmen Skinn

R/up Fairest and Best: Jade Dawson

Most Consistent: Amelia Etchells and Britany Popp

D GRADE: Vikings 51 def. St. Josephs Blue 43

Best in Final: Phoebe Hunter

Fairest and Best: Ashleigh Bolitho

R/up Fairest and Best: Maria Corbell and Lily Ticehurst

Most Consistent: Leilamarie Likouresis

E GRADE: Railways 56 def. St. Josephs Blue 35

Best in Final: Cassandra Evans

Fairest and Best: Rebecca Kidman

R/up Fairest and Best: Carly Velijovic

Most Consistent: Lauren Hartman

F GRADE: Vikings 34 def. St. Josephs 30

Best in Final: Emma Hancock

Fairest and Best: Emma Hancock

R/up Fairest and Best: Ripley Duckford

Most Consistent: Monique Van Hoof-Magpies, Celest Fontanabella, Kelly Bull, Britany Digance

G GRADE: Vikings 34 def. Magpies 31

Best in Final: Georgia Turner 

Fairest and Best: Anne Fergusson

R/up Fairest and Best: Sarah Wait

Most Consistent: Grace Wallace-Beach, Keyillia Digance, Chantelle Hancock

H GRADE: Shamrocks 28 def. Magpies 26

Best in Final: Kelly Falcolone

Fairest and Best: Kelly Falcolone

R/up Fairest and Best: Nikki Coe

Most Consistent: Nikki treloar

I GRADE: Vikings 51 def. Shamrocks 17

Best in Final: Lauren Edwards

Fairest and Best: Crystal Henderson

R/up Fairest and Best: Krysten Hancock

Most Consistent: Miranda Smith, Amanda Havelberg

J GRADE: St. Josephs Blue 47 def. Railways Blue 32

Best in Final: Michelle Grantham

Fairest and Best: Tarsha Gill

R/up Fairest and Best: Nikki Coe

Most Consistent: Nikki Treloar

Junior Grand Final results

UNDER 15 DIV 1: St. Josephs 33 def. Quorn 27,

Best in Final: Ebony Butler 

Fairest and Best: Phoebe Hunter (Nance Miller Shield)

R/up Fairest and Best: Abby Whitaker

Most Consistent: Jenna Glamuzina and Meggan Finlay

UNDER 15 DIV 2: St. Josephs Gold 39 def. Vikings 18

Best in Final: Maggie Woodforde

Fairest and Best: Kobie Brown

R/up Fairest and Best: tayler Barnes

Most Consistent: Mackenzie Hodge

UNDER 13 DIV 1: Vikings 28 def. Railways 20

Best in Final: Ellyssa Myles 

Fairest and Best: Shalana Cox

R/up Fairest and Best: Jayde Finlay

Most Consistent: Shaniqwa Stuart

UNDER 13 DIV 2: Vikings 29 def. St. Josephs 12

 Best in Final: Brooke Harris

Fairest and Best: Maci Wilsdon

R/up Fairest and Best: Shamiyha Henderson and Alesha Leahy

Most Consistent: Mia Smith

UNDER 13 DIV 3: Railways 25 def. Shamrocks 5

Best in Final: Sarah Smith

Fairest and Best: Hayley Harrop

R/up Fairest and Best: Mischa Cooper

Most Consistent: Daelannah Hudson and Dakota Amos

UNDER 11 DIV 1: Vikings 30 def. Railways 17

Best in Final: Imogen Myles

Fairest and Best: Chernille Digance

R/up Fairest and Best: Kyra Mahomed

Most Consistent: Kahmesha Wilton

UNDER 11 DIV 2: Railways 19 def. Magpies 15

Best in Final: Heidee Tobin

Fairest and Best: Zara Thiele

R/up Fairest and Best: Charlee Cowie

Most Consistent: Madeline Hamilton

UNDER 11 DIV 3: Vikings 11 def. St. Jospehs Blue 6

Best in Final: Sophie O’Hanlon

Fairest and Best: Lachelle Allen

R/up Fairest and Best: Maya Fuller and Sophie O’Hanlon

Most Consistent: Laila Milera and Mia Crisp

UNDER 11 DIV 4: Vikings 8 def. Magpies 2

Best in Final: Neve Horvat

Fairest and Best: Neve Horvat

R/up Fairest and Best: Emily Tonkin

Most Consistent: Lyla McMahon