Basketball returning in Port Augusta

BASKETBALL: Reigning Men's A Grade premiers Eagles will be looking to defend their crown when basketball returns to Port Augusta on Monday, October 16.
BASKETBALL: Reigning Men's A Grade premiers Eagles will be looking to defend their crown when basketball returns to Port Augusta on Monday, October 16.

THE PORT Augusta Basketball Association season commences for all grades on Monday, October 16 with a booming 149 teams.

The president for the 2016-17 is Ryan Struck, while Carey Struck will continue in her role as the Basketball Manager. The Association Committee welcomes both new and old members to oversee the competition.

The biggest news for the new season will see the newly-created Wildcats Basketball Club field two teams in the A Grade Men’s competition.

The newcomers will compete with reigning premiers Eagles – who picked up star import Lachlan Knibbs – as well as Cobras and Titans.

In the A Grade Women’s competition, current champions Spartans will field two teams alongside two Falcons teams and the return of a Checkers team, ensuring a successful and competitive season.

There are a total of 38 women’s teams across the seven divisions, while there are 25 men’s teams split across five divisions.

The senior divisions were graded for a more competitive season, with the competition coming to a close on March 24, 2018.

At the other end of the competition, the Under 9s are excited to get going, with 24 teams divided across the boys and girls.

They will continue to play on Saturday mornings, commencing on October 21, 2017. Their season will culminate with the round robin on March 3, 2018.

After winning the ‘Port Augusta City Council Community Event of the Year’ on Australia Day this year, the Port Augusta Junior Carnival will be back better than ever for grades Under 12 to Under 18.

The event will be held on the November 4-5, 2017 for some of the best basketball talent from across the Spencer Gulf, Yorke Peninsula, Far North and Adelaide.

Port Augusta will welcome back some of its best coaches in Ryan Struck, Libby Harrison, Alarna Pearce and Damien Pearce.

The Association is also excited to be hosting Level 0 courses for both Umpiring and Coaching, encouraging locals to improve their game knowledge. The umpiring course will run on Sunday, October 15, while the coaching course will be on Wednesday, October 25.

Those born from 2006 onward that would like to learn how to umpire can begin with the Green Shirt Program coordinated by local player and coach Libby Harrison.

All details for the season including association fees, events and game information can be found at the Port Augusta Basketball Association Facebook Page.

The Port Augusta Basketball Association wishes all teams a successful season which is played in a safe, fair and inclusive environment for everyone.​

Round One Fixtures

Monday, October 16

Court 1

5PM: U/11 Girls (Div 2) – Spartans v Matrix. Umpires: Spartans & Matrix.

6PM: U/17 Boys – Titans v Cobras. Umpires: Eagles & Wildcats.

7PM: U/17 Boys – Eagles v Wildcats. Umpires: Titans & Cobras.

8PM: A Men – Cobras v Wildcats. Umpires: Eagles & Titans.

9PM: A Men – Eagles v Titans. Umpires: Cobras & Wildcats.

Court 2

5PM: U/11 Girls (Div 2) – Falcons v Spartans Grey. Umpires: Falcons & Spartans Grey.

6PM: U/17 Girls – Falcons Yellow v Spartans Grey. Umpires: Spartans & Cobras.

7PM: U/17 Girls – Spartans v Cobras. Umpires: Falcons Yellow & Spartans Grey.

8PM: B Women – Falcons v Falcons Yellow. Umpires: Falcons Black & Falcons White.

9PM: B Women – Falcons Black v Falcons White. Umpires: Falcons & Falcons Yellow.

Court 3

5PM: U/11 Boys (Div 1) – Eagles v Matrix. Umpires: Wildcats & Cobras.

6PM: U/11 Boys (Div 1) – Wilcats v Cobras. Umpires: Eagles & Matrix.

7PM: U/15 Boys (Div 2) – Eagles v Cobras. Umpires: Eagles & Cobras.

8PM: D Women – Spartans Grey v Titans Blue. Umpires: Titans & Spartans.

9PM: D Women – Titans v Spartans. Umpires: Spartans Grey & Titans Blue.


U/15 Boys (Div 2) – Wildcats.

U/17 Girls – Falcons Black.

A Men – Wildcats Grey.

D Women – South.

Tuesday, October 17

Court 1

5PM: U/11 Boys (Div 2) – Wildcats v Titans. Umpires: Wildcats & Titans.

6PM: U/13 Boys (Div 1) – Wildcats v Eagles Blue. Umpires: Cobras & Eagles White.

7PM: U/13 Boys (Div 1)  – Cobras v Eagles White. Umpires: Wildcats & Eagles Blue.

8PM: F Women – Spartans v Jetz. Umpires: Congress & South.

9PM: F Women – Congress v South. Umpires: Spartans & Jetz.

Court 2

5PM: U/11 Boys (Div 2) – Cobras Black v Matrix. Umpires: Cobras Black & Matrix.

6PM: U/15 Girls – Cobras v Falcons. Umpires: Spartans & Matrix.

7PM: U/15 Girls – Spartans v Matrix. Umpires: Cobras & Falcons.

8PM: F Women – Matrix White v Congress Storm. Umpires: Matrix & Matrix Green.

9PM: F Women – Matrix v Matrix Green. Umpires: Matrix White & Congress Storm.

Court 3

5PM: U/11 Boys (Div 2) Eagles v Cobras Gold. Umpires: Eagles & Cobras Gold.

6PM: Young Men – Titans v Cobras. Umpires: Titans & Cobras.

7PM: C Women – Goannas v Matrix. Umpires: Lakeyres & Falcons.

8PM: C Women – Spartans v Rovers. Umpires: Goannas & Matrix.

9PM: C Women – Lakeyres v Falcons. Umpires: Spartans & Rovers.


U/15 Girls – Spartans Grey.

Young Men – Matrix.

C Women – Panthers.

Wednesday, October 18

Court 1

5PM: U/15 Boys (Div 1) – Titans v Cobras. Umpires: Wildcats & Matrix.

6PM: U/15 Boys (Div 1) – Wildcats v Matrix. Umpires: Titans & Cobras.

7PM: D Men – South v Goannas Orange. Umpires: Rebels & Cobras.

8PM: D Men – Eagles v Goannas Black. Umpires: South & Goannas Orange.

9PM: D Men – Rebels v Cobras. Umpires: Eagles & Goannas Black.

Court 2

5PM: U/13 Girls (Div 1) – Spartans (R) v Falcons Black. Umpires: Spartans (E) & Falcons Yellow.

6PM: U/13 Girls (Div 1) – Spartans (E) v Falcons Yellow. Umpires: Spartans (R) & Falcons Black.

7PM: C Men – Cobras v Warriors. Umpires: Rovers & Gators.

8PM: C Men – Rovers v Gators. Umpires: Cobras & Warriors.

Court 3

5PM: U/11 Girls (Div 3) – Matrix v Falcons. Umpires: Spartans Grey & Spartans.

6PM: U/11 Girls (Div 3) – Spartans Grey v Spartans. Umpires: Matrix & Falcons.


U/15 Boys (Div 1) – Eagles.

D Men – Lakeyres.

Thursday, October 19

Court 1

5PM: U/11 Girls (Div 1) – Falcons (S) v Spartans (R). Umpires: Falcons (S) & Spartans (R).

6PM: Young Women – Matrix v Falcons. Umpires: Titans & Spartans.

7PM: Young Women – Titans v Spartans. Umpires: Matrix & Falcons.

8PM: A Women – Spartans v Falcons Black. Umpires: Spartans Grey & Falcons Yellow.

9PM: A Women – Spartans Grey v Falcons Yellow. Umpires: Spartans & Falcons Black.

Court 2

5PM: U/13 Boys (Div 2) – Titans v Eagles. Umpires: Matrix & Wildcats.

6PM: U/13 Boys (Div 2) – Matrix v Wildcats. Umpires: Titans & Eagles.

7PM: B Men – Titans v Hawks. Umpires: Gators & South.

8PM: B Men – Cobras v South Bulldogs. Umpires: Titans & Hawks.

9PM: B Men – Gators v South. Umpires: Cobras & South Bulldogs.

Court 3

5PM: U/11 Girls (Div 1) – Spartans (B) v Falcons (J). Umpires: Spartans (B) & Falcons (J).

6PM: U/13 Girls (Div 2) – Spartans v Spartans Grey. Umpires: Cobras & Matrix.

7PM: U/13 Girls (Div 2) – Cobras v Matrix. Umpires: Spartans & Spartans Grey.

8PM: E Women – Cobras v Spartans. Umpires: Matrix & Titans.

9PM: E Women – Matrix v Titans. Umpires: Cobras & Spartans.


U/13 Boys (Div 2) – Cobras.

E Women – Matrix White.

A Women – Checkers.

Saturday, October 21

Court 1

9AM: U/9 Boys (Div 2) – Wildcats v Matrix. Umpires: Coaches.

10AM: U/9 Boys (Div 1) – Wildcats v Titans Blue. Umpires: Coaches.

11AM: U/9 Girls (Div 1) Spartans v Falcons. Umpires: Coaches.

12PM: U/9 Girls (Div 1) – Matrix v Spartans Pink. Umpires: Coaches.

Court 2

9AM: U/9 Girls (Div 1) – Lakeyres v Titans. Umpires: Coaches.

10AM: U/9 Girls (Div 2) – Falcons Black v Spartans White. Umpires: Coaches.

11AM: U/9 Boys (Div 2) – Cobras v Cobras Black. Umpires: Coaches.

12PM: U/9 Boys (Div 1) – Cobras Black v Cobras Gold. Umpires: Coaches.

Court 3:

9AM: U/9 Girls (Div 2) – Spartans Grey v Spartans Maroon. Umpires: Coaches.

10AM: U/9 Girls (Div 2) – Spartans v Matrix. Umpires: Coaches.

11AM: U/9 Boys (Div 1) – Titans v Eagles. Umpires: Coaches.

12PM: U/9 Boys (Div 2) – Eagles Blue v Eagles White. Umpires: Coaches.


U/9 Girls (Div 2) – Falcons White.