Tightly contested battle at the top

TWILIGHT TENNIS: Louise Hamilton, Emily Howard, Helen Trevisan, Krysten Hancock and Casey O'Dea from the Netchix.

TWILIGHT TENNIS: Louise Hamilton, Emily Howard, Helen Trevisan, Krysten Hancock and Casey O'Dea from the Netchix.

The competition is heating up in the division One Twilight Tennis competition with Undertakers and CMAD showing good form and announcing to the competition that they should not be treated lightly.

The Undertakers performed last rites on Framers 5 in the match of the round. Beginning exceptionally well and off to a bright start winning the first 3 rubbers, Framers 5 regrouped to even it up by winning the next 3.

After that the Undertakers came home with a wet sail to take all remaining 4 sets. Undertakers 7 sets (40 games) to Framers 5 3 sets (30).

For Undertakers, Bradd Duhring was welcomed back and was the standout player whilst John Kelly battled hard for Framers 5.

In the remaining match CMAD outlasted the Bulldogs. A rain shortened and at times fiery affair CMAD kept their noses in front to prevail 5 sets (32) to Bulldogs 3 (24).

Michael “Skinny” Edwards led from the front and was CMADs best whilst Matt Kolic stood out for Bulldogs.

Mark Shirley’s woes continued after his disappointing loss in a recent golf challenge.

In the second division, the much anticipated match between Midweekers + and Slippery Gypsies was not as close as was expected.

Slippery Gyspies have taken all before them this season and easily accounted for the Midweekers 8 sets to 1. 

Best for Slippery Gypsies was Hayden Paech and Ruby Foulis whilst Maryanne Anesbury and Robyn Place were the only winning combination for Midweekers +.

The closest match of the round was between Scrubs and Thorny Devils.

A very even encounter Scrubs had just a little more consistency and held off a stiff challenge to win 5 sets to 3.

Best for Scrubs were Lyn Edson and Bonnie McKenzie whilst Barry Fryar was the standout for Thorny Devils.

Netchix were strong winners in the remaining match winning 6 sets to 3.

Netchix are the big improvers in recent weeks and are a team well worth watching. An all round team performance s by Netchix.

Minnions are strong favourites to win the coveted wooden Spoon, but seem to be enjoying themselves.

They did show some clever initiative by claiming the last 3 sets as there was an opportunity there to be had.

Association news

CHILD SAFETY SAFE - congratulations to Michael Rowbottom, Bruno Carcuro and Steve Dalla Santa who recently completed Child Safety Officer Training and are now qualified to represent the Tennis Association in this very important area.

We consider this a vital part of our associations culture and are proud to be known as a child safe organization.

Thanks to Jordan Crabtree for bringing this opportunity to us.

We are always looking for players to fill in. So if you’re up for a hit of tennis, just turn up on Thursday evening 6:15pm or contact the Association by email to register your availability, ptaugtennis@gmail.com. All players welcome.