An exciting Twilight draw

Bulldogs and Undertakers fought out another epic encounter with the end result locked at a tie, five sets 35 games each.

It was the second draw this season for the hapless Bulldogs who once again and went down to the last match of the night. Bulldogs captain Simon Brusnahan refuted the critics who were suggesting his team had once again choked.

“We came to play tonight and got off to a good start but the Undertakers are a quality side and to their credit they were able to work their way back,” Brusnahan said.

Bulldogs began well winning the first four matches to set a dominant lead. But, if the Bulldogs want to play with the big dogs they are going to have to learn to bark as a determined Undertaker team systematically fought their way back.

In the last deciding match it was the steady captain Cam Foolish and Pete Shilly who were the victors and force the tied result.

In the remaining Division 1, match Framers 5 continued their top form with a strong win over CMAD.

Both teams jostled for dominance early and scores were even. However, Framers 5 rallied and took control to win six sets (42 games) to CMAD four sets (28).

Best for Framers 5 was Matt Hall and John Kelly whilst Justin Heyne was steady as a rock and twice as smart for CMAD.

In the second division the match of the round was between Scrubs and Midweekers +. An entertaining match with neither side giving an inch.

Tied up at two-all, Scrubs took the third round convincingly with Tanya Madigan and Hannah Carling leading the way.

Scrubs also took two of the deciding three sets to win, six sets (38 games) to four sets (37 games).

Slippery Gypsies had another dominant win over Netchix eight sets (54 games) to two set (20 games).

Netchix captain Helen Trevisan was happy with her teams efforts considering the quality of their opposition.

The next match, although a dead rubber, was a ripper with Slippery Gypsies Dave Hanke and Hayden Paech sharing the win with Netchix’s Casey Yates and Krysten Hancock – six games each.

In the remaining match Minions with their backs to the wall, season on the line, were magnificent in their match against Thorny Devils.

Expertly placed serves straddling the lines, forcing their opponents into errors, driving forehands and piercing backhand slices the Minions had all the shots.

Through determination and resilience rarely seen this season Minions chased every ball down, with speed and agility.

Unfortunately Thorny Devils were the winners nine sets (63 games) to zero sets (seven games)