Port Macquarie and Wauchope regions affected; beaches closed

The Hastings River at Kindee Bridge peaked at 7.63 metres on Friday, March 23 with major flooding.

River levels at Kindee Bridge have now fallen below the major flood level with moderate flooding continuing.

Minor flooding is current at Wauchope where moderate flooding is expected this afternoon and evening.

Minor flooding is possible at Settlement Point this afternoon and evening.

The Hastings River at Wauchope is likely to reach the moderate flood level of 4.3 metres.

Short Street, Port Macquarie by Crys Barnes.

Short Street, Port Macquarie by Crys Barnes.

The Hastings River at Settlement Point is likely to reach the minor flood level of 1.2 metres.

Based on the prediction provided by the Bureau of Meteorology it is expected the following areas will be impacted by floodwaters in Wauchope:

  • Bains Bridge
  • Cameron Street
  • King Street
  • Kings Creek & Wrights Creek
  • Blackbutt Park
  • Narrow Gut Road
  • Freeman’s Road
  • Rawdon Island
  • Oxley Highway at Long Flat
Bain Bridge, Wauchope by Matt Lawton.

Bain Bridge, Wauchope by Matt Lawton.

At these predicted river height approaches to the Rawdon Island Bridge are likely to be inundated, isolating the Rawdon Island community.

In Port Macquarie, areas likely to be affected include Settlement Point, Hibbard, Fernbank Creek, Oaks Crescent and communities on the North Shore.

Water may start to come across low lying sections of the following roads and enter low lying properties in:

  • Hastings River Drive and Settlement Point Road
  • North Shore - Shoreline Drive, Wombat Close, Dolphin Court & Marlin Place
  • Maria River Road
  • The Aquatic and Marina Caravan Parks

The Camden Haven River at Logan’s Crossing peaked at 6.27 metres at 7am Friday below the minor flood level. Further rainfall is forecast for the next 12 hours and the situation is being closely monitored.

Both lanes on the Oxley Highway at Long Flat are now open to traffic but motorists are advised to take caution in all areas while the conditions remain wet and slippery.

This story first appeared on the Port Macquarie News