Ready to fire in Grand Final showdowns

TWILIGHT: Louise Hamilton - Netchix.
TWILIGHT: Louise Hamilton - Netchix.

The two top teams of the Division 1 Twilight Tennis competition, The Undertakers and Bulldogs, will square off this week in what should be an entertaining and close tussle.

These same teams clashed last year in a very close encounter which saw the Undertakers take the trophy by the slimmest of margins.

This season should be very similar and the result could be tighter than an Italian tenor’s trousers.

Selection choices could once again play a big part in influencing the result.

Bulldogs were soundly defeated seven to three last week by the Undertakers and there seems to be more questions than answers.

Do the Bulldogs bring Matthew Kolic back into the lineup or leave him sipping beer on the sidelines?

Can Darren Baker and Daniel Brusnahan respond to last weeks close loss to Cam Foulis and Bradd Duhring?

Does anyone have an answer to wily Karl Chamberlains game plan?

Did anyone else notice Mark Shirley putting yellow sandpaper down the front of his trousers last week?

Either way it looks to be an intriguing battle that hopefully will go down to the wire.

With the Undertakers well and truly the favorites it will either be quieter than the morgue or drinks on the hearse.

My tip – Bulldogs to surprise and cause an upset in a real close one.

In the remaining three verse four match Framers 5 look to be far too good for the disappointing CMAD team.

With not much on the line it could also be closer than you’d expect but I can’t see Framers dropping too much.

In the second division Slippery Gypsies take on the veteran Midweekers +.

On paper it looks like it will be a one way street.

Slippery Gypsies have only dropped one match this season (when they forfeited to Scrubs) and have soundly defeated all comers with absolute ease.

The young and energetic Slippery Gypsies have proven that they deserve to win.

But it must be remembered that it is a Grand Final and stranger things have happened.

Nerves kick in, the extra pressure of expectation. Cracks appear, the noose tightens and choking sounds can be heard.

Midweekers + should not be taken lightly – their age and experience all through their team will count for lots.

It’s Young vs Old, David vs Goliath, the Tortoise vs the Hare… plenty of entertainment value.

My tip – I can’t go past Slippery Gypsies, but I think it may be a lot closer than you’d think.

The three verse four match is between Thorny Devils and Scrubs. Both teams are very competitive and this match could go either way.

A lot depends on who is and isn’t available through work commitments in both sides.

I’m tipping the Thorny Devils to narrowly finish in front.