Railways win elite game

Under 15 player Ebony Butler took the court for St Joshephs in the dying minutes of the A Grade match after Lisa Welfare went down with an Achilles injury.
Under 15 player Ebony Butler took the court for St Joshephs in the dying minutes of the A Grade match after Lisa Welfare went down with an Achilles injury.

St Joseph vs Railways

St Joseph was a smooth, well synchronised machine to take the first quarter from Railways 13-7.

Midcourt players Amy Green, Abby Whitaker and Brooke Groth were striking hot in finding space creating a free flowing game from defenders Lisa Welfare and Libby Harrison to sharp shooting goalies Amanda Horner and Kelli Harvey.

Whitaker picked off loose balls denying any opposition opportunities.

The quick thinking passes between Harvey, Green and Horner split the Railway defence line. The lob passing was to perfection.

It was a blistering and unbelievable start to the game. Once again the tenacity and flawless approach by St Joseph set the scene for a memorable game.

Railways Coach Shelley McInnes was more than eager to make tactical moves that changed the competitiveness of the game.

With Peyton Fuller missing the game due to injury, placing Ammy Singleton as Goal Keeper livened up the defending, rebounding and ball deflections over St Joseph’s goalies.

Brynn Byron-Boles had a positive effect in the midcourt supporting Tylah Jackson’s defending dominance covering two thirds of the court to secure valuable turnovers.

Railways scoring opportunities increased. Goalies Mikayla Venning and Claire Schupelius did not disappoint and Railways lead by three goals at three quarter time.

What a spellbinding turn around. Railways swung the game into its favour.

The fourth quarter was an exciting goal for goal challenge until in-form Welfare crashed to an injury with three minutes to the final whistle.

With the leadership gone St Joseph’s defence line unravelled. Railways found that quick and long passing through Mikala Fuller, Byron-Boles and Laurie Haynes suited the opportunity presented to them to continually race the ball to their goalies.

Close range shooting secured the prestigious 46-43 win.

Coach McInnes was very proud of the focus her young team gave to come away with a champion team win.

Overall it was a great exhibition match for juniors to witness a high level of skill delivered by both teams.

Vikings vs Magpies

The A grade Viking/Magpies match was a different calibre of game.

Magpies hit Vikings with an improved full court defence. Chelsey Caputo as wing attack and centre was chasing everywhere on the court to savor a possession.

Kelsey Ellis and Jessie Maule had very good contesting battles with Vikings goalies Kellie Von Senden and Lara Etchells. It was a new power fighting Magpies Unit.

Aysha Zada was an absolute standout as goal attack. Her athletic fitness and consistent goal scoring lasted the full game.

If the players put in their best efforts, why did Magpies always lag behind each quarter by one to five goals? Ebony Janiak scored goals, Ellie Packard, Talia Berry and Victoria Glen all contributed soundly.

One answer is maybe they did not win enough turnovers.

You have to acknowledge Vikings ability to survive challenges. As a club it is a feature that does not go away.

If a passage of play is stolen the players work in desperation to win it back. The aim is to nullify turnovers.

The team had Freeman, Iddles and Ticehurst out of the line-up.

Tara Forsyth, Lily Fullerton, Belinda Myles, Courtney Webb and Amelia Etchells strived for four quarters to keep opportunities pouring into their goal circle.

Vikings earned the narrow win 16-12, 26-21, 37-36, 49-44.

Whew, well done Vikings. Beware Magpies are on the rise.

B Grade

Quorn and Vikings had a ripper of a game. Anyone would have thought a final was in progress with all the cheering in the last quarter. Quorn jumped to an early first quarter six goal lead and held it at three quarter time.

The finely balanced team of youth and experience demonstrated the combination as a potent mixture to frustrate Vikings.

Once again that Vikings club ‘will to win’ mentality surfaced and an extraordinary turn of events occurred in the last quarter.

Whilst Casey Lukich, Tiana Freeman, Celeste Ticehurst and Holly Nayda stood firm in their positions it was the early switch of Phoebe Hunter and Jessica Freeman in the wing defence and goal defence positions that Vikings got fluency into the game and it all came together in the fourth quarter.

Goals flowed, turn overs increased and desperation paid off for Vikings to outscore Quorn by 6 goals to draw the game 60-60.


Under 13 Div 1 Vikings Green introduced Macey Badcock, Sarcha Taylor from U11s into the fold in its defeat of Railways 25-21.

Brooke Harris used her height well as a shooter.

Association news

The ‘Green Shirt’ umpiring program is again on the go this season.

Mikkala Tucker and Carly Whittaker are the whistling leaders. Catch up with either one to join the program.

Port August hosts the Junior Spencer Carnival for U17, U15 and U13 Teams on Sunday, May 20, 2018.