Local clubs unite on drug front

GOOD SPORTS: Local sporting clubs unite at Tackling Illegal Drugs forum
GOOD SPORTS: Local sporting clubs unite at Tackling Illegal Drugs forum

Sporting clubs in Port Augusta have put on a united front this week, striving to create a healthier sporting environment for the wider community.

Representatives from 10 local clubs attended the Good Sports Tackling Illegal Drugs forum on Monday, May 14, to learn how they can best prepare for potential drug related issues.

A wide range of topics including what to do if drugs are found in the club, how to respond if a person is under the influence of drugs, or what to do if someone is found dealing drugs were all a focus point.

The Tackling Illegal Drugs program builds on the Alcohol and Drug Foundation’s (ADF) Good Sports program, which has helped more than 8000 sporting organisations across Australia build healthier, safer, more family-friendly environments.

With sport at the heart of so many regional communities, South Australian ADF Manager Margie Fahy believes local clubs can play a vital role in preventing and reducing drug-related harms.

“The Tackling Illegal Drugs forum in Port Augusta empowered local sporting clubs to get the information they need about illegal drugs,” Ms Fahy said.

“Individual clubs are encouraged to now use that knowledge to show leadership in their community and create an illegal drugs policy.”

“Sporting clubs are a snapshot of society and illegal drug use can affect all areas of society – meaning no club is immune. But we know that sporting clubs can play a really important role in preventing drug harms and providing healthy role models.”

The $4.6 million program has been funded by the Australian Government under the National Ice Action Strategy.

President of the South Augusta Football Club Michael Kerin was one of the 25 people who attended the forum at the Central Oval complex.

“The best aspect was to discover the bountiful amount of resources that are available for clubs to access, preparing us for potential incidents,” Mr Kerrin said.

Good Sports will deliver 75 Tackling Illegal Drugs forums around Australia over four years.

85 percent of forums will take place in rural and regional areas and five additional partnerships with Indigenous communities have been established to develop culturally relevant programs.