Call for South Australian blood donors

Businesses all around the state will be removing letters O, A and B from their logos in order to encourage 100,000 Australians to consider becoming regular blood donors. 

The call is a part of International Missing Type Day, Thursday, June 14, which is a global movement ran simultaneously by 25 blood services. 

The movement is aimed at recruiting much needed volunteers to become blood donors. 

According to The Australian Red Cross, almost 40 per cent of Australians do not know their blood type, indicating many have never considered donating. 

Blood Service spokeswoman Sally Lauder said with 30pc of the population needing blood transfusions or by-product in their lifetime, it shows just how critical it was to get more donors. 

“Blood only has a shelf life of 42 days, and more than 25,000 donations are needed across Australia each week to meet patient needs,” she said.

“We need more local residents to sign up as blood or plasma donors.

“If you’re already a donor, we’d ask you to please give one more donation each year – it really does help.”

The demand means there is a need for over 6500 new donors in South Australia this year alone. 

“In Australia, one blood donation is needed every 24 seconds and with one in three people needing blood in their lifetime, you never know who you could be helping,” Ms Launder said.

“Whether your type is O, A, B or AB; with your help we can fill the gaps together.”

Donating blood is now easier than ever, with new self-serve booking system available online at