SA Police sends warning about long weekend

South Australian Police have sent out reminders to those traveling this June long weekend to keep track of their stops in order to prevent fatigue while driving. 

The advice comes in light before Operation Long Weekend, which was launched on Thursday, June 7.

Superintendent Robert Gray,head of the Traffic Support Branch said it was hoped the operation would deterd road users from using dangerous behaviors which could result in fatalities or serious casualties on the roads.

“Fatigue is a consistent killer over this long weekend on the state’s roads,” he said.

“We know that analysis of the crash data from the last five years – both in relation to fatalities and serious injury crashes – shows that fatigue is a major issue, particularly on country roads and it is vital that drivers take responsibility for their own actions and plan their trip to ensure they take regular breaks and share the driving.”

The June long weekend has not being fatality free since 2004.

Over the past five years, there have been 10 deaths and 43 serious injuries over the June long weekend within the state. 

Eleven of the crashes involved a motor vehicle leaving the road with three resulting in fatalities and eight with people severely injured

Nine crashes occurred in rural areas last year, with three fatalities within the metropolitan regions.

“For those who are staying in the metropolitan area it is no less important that they pay attention to the road, with pedestrian fatalities historically a concern over this long weekend,” Superintendent Gray said. 

“Traffic Support Branch will have a coordinated state-wide plan in place to ensure a high visibility police presence, but we ask that road users play their part.”

Over the past five years, there has also been twice the amount of rural crashes than in the metropolitan area, with 27 rural to 15 metropolitan.

There is also twice the amount of casualties in rural areas, reaching 42 to 19 in metropolitan areas. 

The death toll in South Australia as at Friday, June 8 is 36 in comparison to 30 last year.