Port Augusta well represented at the Country Championships

17 Under Team

Head Coach Jasmin Eckert and Manager Emily Cleary were very pleased with the 17 Under Teams’ performance.

The players had to ride ‘some bumps along the way’ to close out some close games.

Competition in Division 1 was tough but the wins were earned and the players earned respect because of their versatility to positional changes which unsettled oppositions.

Lara Etchells, as expected, was the strength in the goal circle and was unflappable when defenders applied physical pressure. At times Lara shared the goal scoring task with either Jaedina Venning or Tayla Finlay.

Day one was a successful result. Then in the last game Lara suffered an ankle injury. How was this going to affect the team for day two?

The day started with Tayla and Jaedina soaring high in confidence to take ownership of the goal third.

Wherever there was space to exploit for a safe pass they found it. The play making was supported in the midcourt by Abbey Renshaw, Phoebe Hunter, Swai Todonai and Amelia Etchells.

The combination of these classy powerhouse players was the backbone the team needed to flow the ball to the goalies.

As the day progressed Lara re-entered the competition and added favourable options for attacking strategies. The team was back to full strength.

As the championship progressed so did the natural athletic abilities of Tayla, Swai, Phoebe, Abbey and Amelia.

Their ability to fly high to intercept or receive passes is exciting to watch. The desperation to win brought out their superb contributions to the game.

The most valuable contributions to the teams’ successes came from Lily Fullerton and Jemma Glamuzina. What a beautiful duo to watch in action.

When they rebounded, intercepted and blocked opposition goalies out of being effective contributors their efforts created a motivation that rippled down through the court to our goal end.

The best part was when the goalies scored from their good turnover work. The team was defeated by Western Border in the quarter finals.

15 Under Team

Coach Bianca Broadwood and Manager Sherrie Hall encouraged the team through a slow day one start.

Trying different combinations resulted in a well organised and fluent playing team on day two with the result of capturing important wins in Division 2.

Gemma Broadwood blessed with her height was able to switch from goal shooting tasks to goal defending tasks when strategically required.

Goalies Lucy Janiak and Teraleyha Coulthard made the art of finding space in the goal circle look easy.

Defenders on occasions looked embarrassed being caught out so blindly.

Both Lucy and Teraleyha are prolific and reliable scorers and did not disappoint when coupled with Gemma.

Ebony Butler, Shalana Cox and Jayde Finlay kept the midcourt and around the goal circle alive by feeding the goalies and winning interceptions. The most important connection the trio had was with their defence line.

The defenders did not disappoint in accepting the midcourt support. Maia Scharenberg, Elle Henderson and Shaniqwa Stuart kept close check on their opposing players to diffuse any control opportunities that did not relate to Port Augusta.

Once in possession of the ball it was fed out to the midcourt players who transferred play to the goalies.

The team effort was rewarded with wins.

The best win of all by the team was the Div 2 Grand Final where the excited team defeated Port Lincoln 31-27.

Coach Broadwood said the team persisted and worked hard to find their groove.

“It was a nerve–racking final as Port Lincoln was pegging back our lead, but we secured a 4 goal win,” the excited coach explained.

Celebrate the achievement team. Congratulations. A fantastic Championship result.

13 Under Team

Head Coach Carey Struck and Team Manager Carmen Skinn compliment the team for its courageous efforts to face game pressures to cement itself into Division 1. ‘It was a great achievement”

The tall Harris twins Brooke and Jessie had a mammoth responsibility when it came to scoring goals every time they had possession in the goal circle.

Ashleigh McKenna was another goal shooter who took on the challenge to override any defence tactics. The trio all had good rebounding prominence to take advantage of any second chances at the goal ring.

Working hard in the midcourt was Emily Murphy, Zali O’Dea and Maci Wilsdon. Their efforts helped to keep play moving through the centre.

They had a big responsibility particularly when meeting players bigger in stature. The success to gaining possession was to lead for position in front of defenders.

In doing so it brought the effectiveness of the goal defenders to the forefront.

Defenders Alice Ticehurst, Tara Ackland and Sophie Glamuzina after rebounding or intercepting high passes needed to have good leads outside the goal circle to commence the transfer of the ball to the goalies.

Together the trio found good passing tactics that got the result.

Most of the battles for possession occurred in the goal third. Any passing errors proved to be costly with oppositions making the most of turnovers. Well done 13 Under Team in making Division 1.