Show stopper Schupelius

A Grade

Railways def. Vikings

Claire Schupelius dominated two thirds of the court to steer Railways over the line each quarter 14-13, 16-9, 11-9, 17-11. It was a ‘boomer’ of a goal scoring effort to relinquish Vikings defenders Courtney Webb and Tara Forsyth to just picking up rebounds. Interceptions were few and far between.

Schupelius was also a bursting front runner in the midcourt for leads prior to sprinting to space in the goal circle. It was her best game to date.

It did not matter what the defenders did Railways had the script written. Mikayla Venning gave the added support in the ring but had to wrangle with the close attention Forsyth gave in rebounding contests. Mikala Fuller and Laurie Haynes were clever with the passes to their goalies as well as creating the turn-over pathways from one end of the court to the other.

Railways defence line of Tylah Jackson, Brynn Byron-Boles, Peyton Fuller and Ammy Singleton were relentless in maintaining the pressure on Vikings goalies Tiana Freeman and Casey Lukich. Lily Fullerton ran the centre for Vikings against Mikala Fuller who had the edge when it came to holding a physical presence. Belinda Fuller supported Fullerton by switching from her player to challenge M Fuller around the circle.

Vikings wing defence Phoebe Hunter matched up against Haynes and did really well to keep close in her defending role and when it was applicable presented for passes in Vikings attacking moves.

Up until the last quarter Vikings were in the hunt. Lukich played a great goal attack game adding goals to the Freeman tally. The overall team fitness of Vikings may have been the reason Railways out rightly owned the last quarter to win 58-42. On reflection of the game Ammy Singleton paid credit to Vikings’ competiveness to keep Railways honest in its game plan.

St Josephs def. Magpies

A Grade Magpies stunned St Joseph with its assertive approach to threaten to follow up with another win to add to the one from the previous week.  Aysha Zada produced all her classy ability to relentlessly keep the pressure on St Josephs’ defenders. Zada forced the best out of defenders Libby Harrsion and Abby Whitaker. The goal circle was very busy with hustle and bustle as players were trying to outwit each other. Zada had the final word with her superb close and mid-range accuracy. Back up to Zada came from Ebony Janiak.

The game was very much one of turn-overs. Just as one team thought there was a positive break, a wayward pass or an unpredicted interception swung the game back to the opposition. Jessie Maule played an excellent goal keeping game for Magpies and at times had St Josephs goalies re-thinking their moves. Amanda Horner and Lucy Janiak had to outsmart Magpies defenders. They did and were able to keep an edge on the game by out-tallying the goal scoring war.

What made the winning factor possible for St Josephs was the brilliance again by Amy Green to give the best support around the circle and midcourt. Erin Heron and Amy combined well on the centre passes to give drive towards Horner and L Janiak for goal scoring. Brooke Groth had her defending skills tested against Magpies Ellie Packard. No matter though because St Joseph held its position together to win 51-40.

B Grade

Quorn def. Railways

Quorn has that nice mix of experience and youth. The culture of the club to defend hard and to attack in front of the opposing player works wonders when the situation is tight especially when it is in contest with Railways.  It helps when the family understands strategies. Angie, Tayla, Meggan and Jayde Finlay got the team off to a good 25-17 half time lead.

Kiera Pyman has played A grade in the past and knows the importance to sustain accuracy to win. Railways had a top class line-up to threaten Quorn. Kelly Thompson, Abbey Renshaw, Eliza Parker and Michelle Collins are all versatile position players and did swap with the intention to unravel Quorns’ team dynamics. It nearly worked but Quorn won 50-44.

St Josephs def. Magpies

B Grade Magpies and St Josephs were neck to neck every quarter. Both wanted to win badly. Magpies goalies Adelle and Monica Kennedy had St Josephs’ defenders Tessa Scott and Rylee O’Grady working overtime to stop their fluent moves in and around the circle. The two Kennedys kept the goals flowing.

If the goals flowed one way the goals flowed for St Josephs through Beaudine Dalla Santa and Lexie Morris. Both had a hard time brushing off defenders Tanya Aird and Shaleeni Jayamani. Centre Kaylannah Reid had Magpies Emily Cleary and Victoria Glen trying to subdue her influence and that of Sarah Hoare as the wing defender in the midcourt.     

As excitement escalated so did the effort of the players from both teams. Turn-overs were abundant. With about 40 seconds left St Joseph gained possession and passed the ball around protectively to keep control and the 40-39 win.

D Grade

St Josephs were fortunate that it put all its energy into the first half of the game against Vikings because its stamina decreased allowing Vikings a ray of hope to snatch a win. Lucky for St Josephs that Kim Maloney and Lucy Mercer found a way to out match the in-form Viking defenders Maria Anderson-Tanner, Markeeta Stuart and Sedale Miller. It was a difficult task for St Joseph as the rebounding strength belonged to Vikings.  

Vikings Sarah Metcalf and Janolan Miller were not shy in copying the opposition for goal scoring. Thankfully Lori Pillion and Alanah Rowe found rebounding positions for St Josephs to send the ball back to their goal circle through Selina Hodge, Maria Corbell and Tamsin MacPherson to secure a close 44-39 win.

E Grade

Once again the competitive culture of Quorn ruled supreme against Magpies. Mother and daughter combination Dannielle and Jaquarra Chapman responded well to the hard working mid-courters Andrea Bury, Annie Maloney and Zara Whellum to score goals. It helped that Sarah Kruger, Georgia Turner and Kathrine Turner won turnovers to participate in the Quorn 59-29 win.

H Grade

Shamrocks Black produced a good second half against Magpies to win 42-31. There were good defence tactics by Liana Rehutai and Mirianne Graham, sharp scoring from Delicia Amos and Kalashya Amos (U15) and consistent support in the mid-court from Destiny Freer(U15).