Overtaking lanes continue to pose safety threats

Road users continue to exercise caution on the recently constructed overtaking lanes between Whyalla and Port Augusta.

Despite assurance from Transport Minister Stephan Knoll’s office that the pot holes and uneven surfaces had been fixed, Member for Giles Eddie Hughes said he has continued to receive complaints.

Originally intended to improve the safety of those travelling between Port Augusta and Whyalla, the stretch of road now poses a serious threat to motorbike riders in particular. 

“I was given an assurance that the stretch of road had been fixed. However, I have since visited the area and it still poses a danger to road users. This is simply not good enough,” Mr Hughes said.

“I have grave fears for the safety of road users and I urge them to slow down and be very cautious until the Liberal government does what it says it was going to do and fix the overtaking lanes.”

Earlier this month Mr Hughes asked for an urgent safety inspection and review  to be conducted to determine whether the overall build quality meets contract specifications.

Lucas Total Contract Solutions Pty Ltd was awarded the $4.4 million contract to undertake the design and construction of the three overtaking lanes located on the Lincoln, Eyre and Augusta Highways.

The Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure said they are continuing to work closely with the contractor to monitor the condition of the overtaking lanes.

“As previously advised, where defects have occurred, interim repairs have been, and will continue to be undertaken to the affected sections of the newly constructed road,” a spokesperson from the department said.

“A permanent solution is being progressed, following sufficient technical assessment and an appropriate engineering solution developed.

The department has advised the lanes will be temporarily closed if there are continuing, significant issues relating to their condition.

Minister Knoll’s office and Lucas Total Contract Solutions have all been contacted for comment.