Vikings edge closer to second place

Railways def. Magpies

Magpies scored the first two goals of the match. In the first quarter Magpies had the right strategy to match Railways. All its players stuck firm in defence and made Railways work for every possession and goal. Magpies made every player accountable, including its’ own. Aysha Zada played her best netball and demonstrated how strongly mobile she is when leading to gain front position. Zada and her counterpart Ebony Janiak kept Railways defenders Tylah Jackson and Peyton Fuller busy in the circle. Admittedly Magpies trailed 8-11 in the first quarter but it set an encouraging picture for the rest of the game.  

Hope was still alive for a competitive game because at half time Magpies trailed 15-24. Energy was high. Ellie Packard was in scintillating form with her speed and back up work through the centre. Her passes were firm and found the ‘sticky’ hands of both Magpies goalies who were not afraid to come out of the goal circle to create space with the intension to persuade Railways defenders to fall behind play. The astute defenders did not take the bait.

Come the second half Magpies stamina and tenacity was sapped. Jessie Maule and Kelsey Ellis tried hard to defend Railways Goalies Mikayla Venning and Claire Schupelius out of the game however the thinking power and physical strength of the two goalies plus accuracy eliminated any chance of rebounds for turnovers. Hope for Magpies was shattered. Players chased play with weary legs. Railways had control and whipped the ball endlessly to its goal scoring end making the most of Magpies inaccuracy and poor passing choices.

Once again Railways showed its superiority, fitness level, unity, skills and thirst to win. In the second half Railways outscored Magpies 37-11 amassing a game total of 61-26. As expected top level commitment came from Mikala Fuller, Laurie Haynes and as the game wore on Jenna Glamuzina matched up against Magpies Talia Berry. For Magpies the stand out games came from Jessie Maule, Ellie Packard and Aysha Zada.

Vikings def. St Josephs

A Grade Vikings could not believe its third quarter jump on St Joseph 16-9. Up until that time both teams were neck-to-neck. Not all of the play was at the level of excellence. Passing errors, missed goals and forced play into congested areas of the court all contributed to the equality of the teams. It was the change of momentum when St Josephs Amy Green took injury time for a poke in the eye that Vikings took advantage of settling down to get its game plan together.

Belinda Myles had also taken an injury time out and re-entered for the fourth quarter for Vikings refreshed for the arduous task of keeping play flowing through the midcourt with Casey Lukich. Very good possession gains came from Vikings defenders Lily Fullerton, Courtney Webb and Amelia Etchells. Webb and Fullerton combined well in the circle to intimidate St Josephs goalies Amanda Horner and Bonnie McKenzie. The defenders height for rebounds and interceptions denied second goal scoring chances for St Josephs.

As much as St Josephs were chasing a deficit there were positive contributions from Libby Harrison (who after the game declared she “dislikes 3.30pm games”) and Abby Whitaker who tried every tactic to apply pressure to nullify the height disadvantage against Tiana Freeman and the liveliness of Lara Etchells (back from injury). Whilst St Josephs tried to resurrect its positon in the fourth quarter the third quarter damage did the trick for Vikings 50-42.

D Grade

Morgan Murphy and Ktora Dannenberg (E Grade) had a dynamic first quarter for St Joseph Gold to get an early 15-10 lead against sister team St Joseph Blue. The Blues defence line consisting of Lucy Mercer, Brianna Forrest and Lori Pillion kept a consistent pressure on the Gold attack to peg back the lead to a one goal deficit at three quarter time. Selina Hodge was giving drive through the midcourt and nice strong leads were coming from Alanah Rowe. The good work all collapsed in the fourth quarter. Gold defender Rebecca Kidman backed up the attacking moves to the Gold goalies and a 51-42 win resulted for Gold.

G Grade

Magpies Rebels scorer Jen Martin acknowledged that whilst the team had a lot of fill-ins due to the holiday break the combination melded greatly to impress 15-5, 11-8, 6-10, 10-9 against Shamrocks. Ella Zubrinick (U15) and Paige Corbett (U15) did well to compete with the strength of the Shamrocks players. Jodie Mackintosh kept M/Rebels Chloe Martin and Veronica Strangways honest in the goal circle.

To match M/Rebels efforts Aaliyah Schmerl and Sharika Doolan had the goals flowing for Shamrocks. Hannah Miklovec snapped up turn over possessions for M/Rebels and Terri-Lee Ellis did just as well for Shamrocks. The first quarter for Magpies Rebels team won the game 42-32.

U15 Div 1

Once St Joseph had secured a half time lead against Magpies 28-2 it swapped its players into alternative positions they did not specialise to experience the difference in skills required and to also allow for a competitive game. The plan did allow for Magpies to exercise their competency at the game. Elicia Amato and Raener Miller found leads around goalie come goal keeper Lucy Janiak and centre come goal defender Kaylanah Reid.  Rylee Berry also surprised Maia Scharenberg and Elle Henderson trying out as Joeys goalies that she had rebounding power. The second half score was St Joseph 13-9.

U13 Div 2

It took nine Magpies players interchanging to keep Shamrocks from challenging its leading position. Zohie MacKinlay, Aaliyah Ware and Taya Duhring contributed to the goal scoring. Amelia Corbett was defending well in the midcourt until she was hit hard with an injury. Kennesha Wilton and Zara Thiele covered the position to the finish. Shamrocks had Charli Press, Michaela Harvey, Charlee Miller and Ebanee Brame tussling for the ball in the midcourt. Well done to Trizarna Weetra-Besant and Shonesha Brady to score the 9 goals for Shamrocks. Magpies kept its composure to win with 27 goals.

U11 Div 2

Vikings used all the available players to make an impression on Magpies. Lilly Veljkovic and Mardii Press were a wonderful goalie combination for Magpies. It was Magpies defending combination of Shanea Wilton, Lachelle Allen and that made scoring hard for Vikings. Regardless of the Magpies 23-6 score Vikings had Tyeisha Taylor, Sienna Boxall, Sorayah Reid (Div 4) and Maya Brine sharing the goal circle opportunities. Ruby Brine(4) and Ava Horvat (4), Neve Horvat and Caitlin Ashton shared the wing defence position.