Horoscopes: Week beginning July 29

 ARIES: Events during the next few months will certainly change the course of your life, as a steadying influence operates around your financial situation and living conditions. This period enables the practical attainment and certain steps towards your goals. You can make the most of these trends on August 25-27, September 7, 8.

TAURUS: You are steadier within yourself during the seven-plus weeks from August 1, despite the changes that are being initiated. These events are related to you personally and your living conditions. You will feel more confident within yourself and the changes that you make, taking heed of good advice. Many will be choosing to study or move.

GEMINI: Whilst there are a number of surprises that take you by storm this month, your financial situation is steadier and will influence the pace of developments. August 1-3, 25-27, September 7, 8, 11-22 are earmarked for important advancements, although you’ll need to handle August 1-3, September 11-22 with care.

CANCER: Cancerian natives will be redefining their goals and responsibilities during the seven-plus weeks from August 1, enabling them to make important changes to their life. Life becomes more manageable and goals achievable through the practical steps that you or your partner take then. Important positive dates will be August 25-27, September 7, 8.

LEO: August and September a time when you should be able to restructure your career or life path without too many negative side effects. These are exciting times and you have the practical skills and perseverance to make things happen. August 1-3, 25-27, September 7, 8, 11-22 highlight important issues associated with this trend.

VIRGO: Virgo natives are in a fabulous stage for furthering your education, defining your goals and pushing forward your rights, as you are now in a practical frame of mind whilst being innovative. You can make the most of developments on August 25-27, September 7, 8 to capitalise on the aspects. Mange August 1-3, September 11-22 carefully.

LIBRA: Family and property provide you with stability during the next two months, casting influence on your ability to manage finances. Make the most of it on August 25-27, September 7, 8 to implement important changes. Extra care will be needed on August 1-3, September 11-22 when the influences are more dynamic.

SCORPIO: During the seven-plus weeks to September 22, the steadying influences on a relationship and homelife are derived from good communication and excellent planning. There is a willingness to make constructive changes to your partnerships and routines, whether business or personal, so that help can flow in both directions.

SAGITTARIUS: There are many interesting developments around your workplace during the seven-plus weeks from August 1, allowing a more practical expression of your creative talents. These are accompanied by well-earned financial rewards and have significant, positive implications for those you love. August 25-27, September 7, 8 bring out the best potential.

CAPRICORN: The seven-plus weeks between August 1 and September 22 is an excellent time for implementing changes to various types of relations, including romantic or parent-child. There seems to be a greater commitment to the relationship, as well as to other areas of your life such as sport and recreational interests. Best dates are August 25-27, September 7, 8.

AQUARIUS: Your home life seems to have a balancing influence on other aspects of your life during August and September, enabling you to make important changes. You seem to be the driving force. You take into consideration all the little things that can go wrong, which seems to make your actions more effective, especially on August 1-3, 25-27, September 7, 8, 11-22.

PISCES: Piscean natives have the opportunity to introduce progressive changes during August and September, enabling you to stabilise your daily routines and improve them. To a certain extent, such actions seem to be proofing against potential problems in the future. Replacing or repairing a car could be on the agenda. Best dates all ‘round are August 25-27, September 7, 8.

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