Magpies swoop on St Joes

NETBALL: Chelsey Caputo provided plenty of support for her goalies in Magpies' A Grade win over St Josephs. PHOTO: Sue Dalla Santa.

NETBALL: Chelsey Caputo provided plenty of support for her goalies in Magpies' A Grade win over St Josephs. PHOTO: Sue Dalla Santa.

A Grade

Magpies scored the first goal and never looked back, and neither did Aysha Zada as their dynamic goal shooter.

Zada got tough attention from St Josephs’ defending duo Libby Harrison and Beaudine Dalla Santa, but like a true champion, Zada continued to move strongly move into front position for shooting opportunities.

Her rebounding was well timed and the second chances to score proved to be vital when it came to the third quarter.

No one expected the blitzing second half from Magpies after St Josephs had a well-synchronised game in the first half.

The defence line of Abby Whitaker, Harrison and Dalla Santa line was effective, while goalies Amanda Horner and Bonnie McKenzie got the accuracy right to lead 42-30. Meanwhile, Ebony Butler and Brooke Groth broke free in the midcourt to keep play flowing.

But an off-balance goal shot by Zada changed the mood of the game. The third quarter unravelled for both teams for different reasons.

St Josephs substituted players because of an injury, while Magpies had to adjust its passing strategies and did so beautifully at the expense of elementary errors by Joes.

Ambitious passing over the top of Magpies Goal Keeper Jessie Maule was not a good idea, nor was the loss of team concentration by players to remain motivated towards a win.

In the last quarter, Magpies as a team were on fire. Confidence was high. The sniff of a win was well within reach, especially when a seven-goal lead emerged.

Ebony Janiak joined Zada in on a scoring spree. Kelsey Ellis and Ellie Packard joined Maule in turn overs via poor St Josephs passing choices.

Just to cap off the glorious attack was the tireless drive in the midcourt and support work to the Magpies goalies from Chelsey Caputo and Talia Berry.

Magpies went on to win 49-46. This is the Magpies team that needs to be available to battle out the finals series.

Stand out players were Zada, Harrison, and in the fourth quarter, all Magpies players.

Magpies Coach Jaz Eckert said the result shows “what a good hard training can do”.

Railways v Vikings

Railways did not have all the game play its way, as Vikings put up a challenge.

As expected, Railways had good timing on its leads, with all players covering a lot of the court and Claire Schupelius dominating two thirds of the court.

Vikings found it tough in the goal circle to the point where Lara Etchells was seconded to the centre position and Casey Lukich covered as the supporting goalie to Tiana Freeman.

While Vikings kept pace with Railways, the fourth quarter told the story.

Vikings defence lapsed and Railways blasted fast pace to another win 14-9, 12-9, 15-12, 16-8 (57-38).

Vikings did have good contributions from defenders Lily Fullerton and Courtney Webb, but they were out muscled by Railways’ Schupelius and Mikayla Venning.

The ever-reliable Belinda Myles, with her steady influence through the midcourt, was overshadowed by defensive tactics employed by Railways Mikayla Fuller and Ammy Singleton.

It’s always a tough gig trying to match Railways.

C Grade

Magpies had an exciting win against Railways 66-52.

Georgia Irvine was in her goal scoring element, while Kate Brusnahan used her height to advantage in the rebounding stakes to add more goals to the tally.

When goals flow, the rest of the team just join in to enjoy the glory. Tasma Wagner, Shanelle Corbett and Stacey Colson energised the midcourt. The last quarter tipped the scales to confirm Magpies as winners.

St Josephs made hard work of subduing Vikings out of a win. It took the second half of the game for the Saints to get the flow and accuracy to a competitive state.

Sam Boully was the linchpin for both ends of the court, while Tara Hogg was as jovial as ever under pressure in the goal circle.

The relaxed approach worked like a gem to whittle down the deficit, capturing a 41-34 win.

Quorn tried every move on the court to unsettle Shamrocks, but the coaching decision for Shamrocks to maintain a consistent team approach emulated from the impressive 16-11 first quarter.

Darlene Allen and Wyntah Shaw remained focused on defending Quorn’s Brittany Popp and Jayde Finlay. They had to because the goal scoring gap was closing.

Goal Attack Mandy Ferber coped in the gusty conditions to ensure Shamrocks snared the 38-34 win.

H Grade

It was a glorious knuckle-biting win to Magpies over Railways 33-32, thanks to some nice goal shooting from Tammy Grantham and Sarcha Taylor.

No goal circle opportunities occurred without the hard possession work from Emily Szanto and Amanda Havelberg doing the toil of three, as there was no wing defence.

Nicolette Muscat-Gaston and Lucie J Kleinrahm earned turnovers to keep the win alive.

Juniors – U15 Div 1

Due to injury, Lucy Janiak as goal attack was replaced by Charlotte Hill from U15 Div2, who demonstrated her high accuracy level and her no-fear drive into the goal circle. Hill fed off the reliable leadership of Paris Thompson.

Against Quorn, there is always a well-thought-out competitive game plan. Zoe Maloney, Emily Eckert and Jayde Finlay kept the energy flowing, forcing St Josephs to change a few players into different positions.

Ebony Butler and Kaylanah Reid were just the best swap to bring the team home by one goal 30-29.

It was not Magpies’ best day to meet Vikings. It is puzzling why Magpies struggle because the team has very good athletic players.

Rylee Berry, Allynna Cano-Hall, Ella Zubrinich and Raener Miller have versatile netball skills. Paige Corbett and Elicia Corbett are a nice goal shooting combination, being well fed by Kobie Brown.

Vikings do have a more assertive presence and are not competitive shy. Goalie Ellyssa Myles coupled with Brooke Harris are an overwhelming combination to defend.

In the midcourt Louise Hunter and Meg Grover with Shalana Cox actively look to open passing opportunities and snare the interceptions. All to good affect for Vikings, wrapping up a 39-13 win.