Port Augusta netball: Vikings beat St Joes

Vikings v St Josephs

Vikings stamped their gladiator authority in the first quarter, leading 16-10 against St Josephs.

It was going to take more than having the superb scoring attack of Lara Etchells and Tiana Freeman to convince the Saints the game was over. There was a real clamber for the half time lead.

Players were leading in every direction to gain possession for their team, with the passage to the goalies being red-hot, but more so for Vikings, who led 26-24.

St Josephs were not disheartened. Amanda Horner and Bonnie McKenzie produced a good accuracy game, but anything missed was gobbled up by Vikings defenders Tara Forsyth and Lily Fullerton.

Brooke Groth and Ebony Butler were fearless in the midcourt for St Josephs, challenging and winning turn over possessions.

This kept St Josephs within reach of closing the gap, even leaping to the front at once stage.

But Vikings retaliated and held a firm conviction to win.

The passing from both teams was so fast at stages that the ball either missed the targeted player or was intercepted by the opposition.

Belinda Myles, Amelia Etchells and Casey Lukich combined well together to dampen the enthusiastic St Josephs midcourt.

Lexie Morris had some wonderful lob passes into the goal circle to Horner and McKenzie that were frustrating for Vikings to defend.

As good a player as Libby Harrison is, Freeman’s height in the end beat her influence to control the defence.

Once Vikings latched on to the high lob pass over the top of the defenders to Freeman close to the goal post, there was not much that could be done.

Abby Whitaker tagged Etchells, but once she had possession, it was a certain goal for Vikings. It was this consistent approach that earned Vikings the 63-53 win.

Stand out players: Brooke Groth, Amelia Etchells, Tiana Freeman and Ebony Butler.

Railways v Magpies

Railways took advantage of a revised Magpies team line-up different from last week.

That did not stop Ellie Packard from putting in a lightning-fast game in the centre position.

Railways’ Mikala Fuller replicated exactly the same game with more effect when it came to support around the goal circles. Take nothing away from Railways, as they were in brilliant form.

Ammy Singleton, Peyton Fuller and Brynn Byron-Boles had the defending tactics stitched up. They backed each other up to get the ball through to their goal end.

At Railways’ goal end, there was a perfect goal shooting game from Tylah Jackson.

As usual, Claire Schupelius was in unbelievable attacking form in two thirds of the court.

Laurie Haynes executed the best passes into the goalies, as well as being proactive in opening up space in the centre third.

How do you beat Railways when the team has a fluent pattern of play, clever hand flicks of the ball, fast look away passes, miraculous passes coming from Fuller to Jackson, and players having an ability of timing a leap for safe aerial passes? It is a daunting game plan.

There were some sparkling individual efforts from Magpies, with Adele Kennedy a stand-out. She had no fear of the Railway defenders to make front position and face the goal ring.

Talia Berry did well on occasions to find space as wing attack, beating Fuller and Singleton on the centre pass.

Ebony Janiak displayed her accuracy ability in the fourth quarter. Kelsey Ellis powered on to pick up interceptions and wayward passes as a defender.

But despite Magpies’ efforts, Railways came away with a comprehensive 58-31 win.

Railways remain at the top of the ladder with 14 wins from 14 games, followed by Vikings and St Joes on five wins, and Magpies on three wins.

Stand-out players: Tylah Jackson, Laurie Haynes, Ellie Packard, Adele Kennedy.

B Grade

Vikings and Magpies played their game in the best spirit expected. It suited Vikings goal attack Bianca Reid.

She was in scintillating form scoring and owning the support function in the midcourt. It was not until the second half that Vikings broke free of the Magpies’ first half stranglehold.

For some reason, Magpies goalies Libby Grantham and Monica Kennedy went off the boil when it came to the easy scoring opportunities.

No prompts were needed for Celeste Ticehurst and Jade Dawson to take possession to feed the play via Phoebe Hunter, Eliza Phillips and Jessica Freeman to their goalies Reid and Kellie Von Senden. A Viking win 49-35.

Standout players: Reid, Hunter, Dawson, Myria Cano-Hall.

St Josephs got off to an impressive start 11-7 only to wilt eventually under wet blustering conditions against Quorn.

It was not a good sign when Tara Nayda left the court injured. The momentum swung heavily in the second half to Quorn.

The Tayla Finlay and Kiera Pyman scoring combination rewarded the hard midcourt work of Alice Wilsdon and Angie Finlay. Quorn won 49-34.

U15 Div 1

Just as well, St Joseph got off to a good first half 24-8 against Railways.

While St Joes kept its consistent line-up, Railways trialled different players in various positions to attempt a leadership swing in its favour. Good thinking.

It did not eventuate, but what the changes did do was achieve an even second half scoring result.

Paris Thompson and Lucy Janiak are a hard combination to keep quiet in the St Josephs goal circle, as is Kaylanah Reid uniting play through the centre. St Josephs won 40-24.

Magpies enjoyed its close game against Quorn. Play appeared to bounce from one opposition to the other without scoring opportunities being the main aim of the game.

This may have been as a result of Quorn defenders becoming scorers and vice versa. Quorn did have an outstanding second quarter that set up a 35-23 win.

U13 Div 2

Shamrocks love their netball and tried hard to match the goal scoring of St Josephs Gold.

Wing Defence Emma Newberry played the position with value to assist Tori Groth and Jorja Edwards in the midcourt to feed their goalies for the 35-5 win.

Lucky St Joes Blue had Jade Barry and Alyssa Williams score 12 goals in the first quarter to protect a good lead against Railways.

Railways came home strong in the last quarter through the seven goals shot by Kelisha Reid and Indie Buckley. Joeys won 30-24.

U11 Div 2

Both Vikings and St Josephs teams have very good players that had a tough competitive battle to earn the win. At half time, it was close with only two goals favouring Joeys.

The interceptions were strong by both teams, as neither scored in the last quarter. Addison Blinman, Maya Fuller and Ashleigh Howell were able to win the ball over Maya Brine, Neve Horvat and Sophie Clarke to lead Joeys to a close 11-7 win.

Magpies were able to win each quarter against Railways to close at a nail-biting 26- 18 win.

Well played Lilly Veljkovic, Zakari Milera-Starkey, Shanae Wilton. Railways kept the pressure on with good games from Emma Coats, Rachel Harding and Charlotte Roberts.


The scores are not as important as the girls playing to the crowd of parents, grandparents, families and coaches.

You can see the enjoyment and fun the girls get from playing. Not that much is said, but the time given by coaches, umpires, scorers and time keepers is appreciated.

It was a sisterly love game for St Josephs. Megan Nance, Emmy Footner and Latisha Price were in the mix of play for the Blue Team, which won 3-0.

Lily Davenport, Lara Grantham and Olivia Kemp shone as well.

As hard as Magpies and Vikings Blue tried, goals were hard to come by. Ivy Brusnahan, Peyton Foulis and Ashanti Thomas kept the passing flowing for Magpies, but Vikings Blue had good play from Mila Horvat, Tianna Culbertson and Nikkeyshia Strangways-Coulthard to snare a win.

Vikings Green is advancing fast in the skills department. Players try different positions with good ability.

Amber Carter, Lilly Dawson and Ella Atherton excel as attacking and defending players for the Greens.

Shamrocks had Maddison Feltus, Tori Young and Jacob Halliday trying hard to reverse the 14-1 Vikings Blue win.