Vikings snare second spot

A Grade

Vikings def. Magpies

Magpies were full of confidence and up until half time were very competitive against Vikings 21-26. Once again Adele Kennedy with her thirst to always find front position for passes gave Viking defenders Tara Forsyth and Lily Fullerton plenty of frustrating moments. At the other end of the court Magpies defenders Jessie Maule and Kelsey Ellis were giving Vikings goalies Tiana Freeman and Lara Etchells plenty of attention and competed reliably for rebounds when there were any.

The third quarter belonged to Vikings. Everything went according to plan 15-9. The intense leading work in the midcourt from Amelia Etchells, Casey Lukich, Belinda Myles and Phoebe Hunter was the dynamism Vikings needed to quell the vigor of Magpies.

Changes were made by Magpies in the fourth quarter with the attempt to reverse the loosing situation however Vikings held firm to uphold its third quarter blitz. All Magpies could achieve was to match the stamina of Vikings. Chelsy Caputo, Talia Berry and Ellie Packard kept the midcourt alive but no winning advantage materialized. The move of Aysha Zada into goal defence to assist Maule to combat the dominance of Vikings Freeman from scoring did not realise the desired outcome. Vikings won 55-43.

Lucky Vikings have secured second position and have earned the right to meet unbeaten Railways in the first game of the finals. Will there be any surprises?

Railways def. St Joseph

Railways went through the motions of its winning formula to keep its unbeaten record in tact against St Joseph 19-11, 20-8, 10-13, 16-10 (65-42). There were some good individual efforts from St Josephs. Amanda Horner shot well and even goaled an inspirational boundary shot. Bree Leahy (C Grade) gained confidence as the game progressed and gave Railways Laurie Haynes a competitive chase for play. Lucy Janiak was fluent as the wing attack feeding Horner and Bonnie Mackenzie with precision lob passes. Erin Heron ran the centre against Mikala Fuller and at times picked up bonus turnovers from unexpected spilled passes.  

The game really was over at half time. Railways led 39-19. There was no point in over exerting game plans. To remain undefeated was achieved and done so without exploiting the less experienced St Josephs’ line–up.  

St Josephs meet Magpies next week in the elimination final. It will be a close desperate game.   

B Grade

Tessa Stott played a top defending game. Stott powered great court coverage and back-up play to carve the pathway to a St Joseph victory. At half time it was a locked 20-20 game against Magpies. Stott had the team motivated to tackle the solid Magpies line-up. Magpies’ Tanya Aird and Shaleeni Jayamani adopted a solid competitive defending strategy to force St Josephs’ goalies Annie Packard and Tara Hogg to continually move for safe passes from Indie Winton and Swai Todonai.

St Joseph half time swap to put Winton in centre and Todonai as the wing attack proved to be a very good coaching move. The combination clicked in with the defence line of Stott, Beaudine Dalla Santa and Sam Boully. It was this midcourt ownership that startled Magpies into a more of a defending game instead of taking more attacking chances.

Magpies goalies Monica Kennedy and Libby Grantham did break through the St Joseph defence line however in the second half when their midcourt dominance broke down the feeds for goals disappeared. St Josephs’ Packard and Hogg reveled in the luck to reward the St Joseph turnover work to win 10-9,10-11,11-4,14-7 (45-31).

One can only guess what Quorn thought when Railways turned up with one of the all-time best defenders Angela McAuliffe in its team. Brave goal shooter Tayla Finlay and Brittany Popp did not let past reputation over-ride their confidence to focus on accuracy. The first quarter was an even warm up for both teams and then McAuliffe ticked into gear and snapped any opposition passing errors, rebounded any short shots at goal and burned energy to cover two sections of the court.

As hard as Quorn gave their usual dedicated honest leading effort it could not close down the influence of McAuliffe. The game slowly drifted into Railways favour 11-10,12-6,15-3, and when McAuliffe sat the last quarter on the bench Quorn took advantage  7-11. Railways won 45-30.

D Grade

Vikings did a lot of strategic thinking to thwart any challenge from St Joseph Blue. Wherever the team could bolster its strength players went from attacking positions to defending positions. Marsha Warren, Gemma Broadwood and Markeeta Stuart all displayed their versatility for Vikings much to the dismay of the opposition who kept its best line-up without change.

Brianna Forest and Lori Pillion did their best up until half time defending Vikings goalies. In the third quarter Vikings scorer Joyce Tanner recorded an amazing 19 goals as Saints scorer Kristen Scharenberg looked on in dismay recording only 7. It was the telling moment. St Josephs never recovered and Vikings through the consistent effort of Wanita Caylan in the midcourt snared a handy 58-51 win.

Under 13 Div 1

It was like finals had already started. Vikings Green had the height advantage in the goal circle and with Brooke Harris, Kelis Jacks-Martin and Macey Badcock sharing the accuracy the work rate from Railways jumped to another level. There was no way Railways defenders Sophie Glamuzina and Rebecca Kennedy were going to make it easy for Vikings to slip the ball into its goalies without pressure. It was a hot contesting scene in the goal circle.

Vikings Green had the early edge on the game and because of that was fortunate to seize victory 24-21. Once Railways got its passing errors reduced and the ball made it through to Lucy Waterworth and Tia Buckskin the goals rolled to match Vikings. The slow start was the cost factor. Vikings Green was on top its game and deserved its win.

Under 13 Div 3

As expected Quorn got off to a spritely start and made its intent clear to Shamrocks through the scoring dominance of Mackenzie Chapman and Ella Maison. To set Quorn off balance Shamrocks tried some positional changes which increased the competiveness. Tayah Coulthard strengthend the midcourt to assist Macasha Palmer and Chevelle Jones to get the ball to shooters Kaliyah Warren and Lorretta Warren.

As a counter response Quorn had Mia Crisp, Emily Millington and Hannah Moosha-Hancock earning any turnovers to keep the ball rolling to their goalies. Indie Williams and Brooke Maison both positioned well as defenders to rebound any Shamrock short scoring shots. All the good work netted Quorn a 26-14 win.

Under 11 Div 3

Magpies Rebels scorer Zakari Starkey smiled with relief when the team finished its game with a goal against Magpies. Every quarter sister team Magpies scored: 2-2-2-5 to finish with 11 goals. Dayna Grantham started the game as goal keeper then reverted to the centre to add depth to the attack. It worked. The ball got to Annie Rossiter, Sienah MacKinlay and Shae Grantham who shared the scoring responsibilities.

Shamrocks Green had its work cut out for them. Vikings came on to the court with ambition. Scorer Kendall Harvey registered every goal Madeline Jenkin, Danelle Cullen, Claire Hancock and Twyla Stuart shot for Vikings. It was not until the second half that Shamrocks Green with five players were able to break through the Vikings midcourt and have some success at scoring 2 goals. It was thoughtful coaching of Vikings to shift its team around to allow the game to flow with its 15 goal win.

St Josephs Gold resorted to upgrading Alyssa Buono, Skyla Edwards and Isabella Warren to have a team of seven to face Shamrocks. The three players did well to support Ava Press, Ella Holtham, Codee Grantham and Matilda Hill. The game was exciting as Shamrocks with its six players found ways to match the goal scoring that was shared by Allira Coulthard, Scarlett Miller and Amee Gill. Esther M Harvey, Charlannah Brady and Joshua Halliday kept chasing any possession opportunities to feed their goalies. Lucky Joeys got the 12-9 win.

Under 11 Div 4

When the scoring is low and the ball is turned over between teams it sparks great spectator interest. The Quorn verses Magpies game received a lot of ovation when a team got to a successful outcome. It was not until the second quarter that both teams put scores on the board. Taya Hamilton and Keeleigh Tweedy did well to reward Magpies with 3 goals. Quorn gave all its nine players court time to score 5 goals through the efforts of Matilda Brooks, Cheyanne Maher and Elspeth Lyman.


The Leaners grade had its end of season round robin on Friday night with all players receiving their achievement certificates. How do you say thanks to all those who supported this grade? It is with heart felt appreciation.