Celebrating Book Week in our schools

Short stories from Port Augusta Special School:

The Sea

Katie goes to the sea. Off come her shoes and coat. Katie goes in the water. Splash! She comes out all wet.  ‘I am cold’ says Katie. She puts on her shoes and coat. ‘Now I am hot’ says Katie.

By Katie

If you give a cat…

If you give a cat a fish, he would ask for a lemon.

That would make him screw up his face because it was sour. Then he would need some milk.

He would need to go to the shop to buy some.

If he went to the shop he might meet his friend, Bingo Bob the Cat.

They would want to go to the playground.

If they went to the playground they would look for mice to chase. 

They might find a block of chocolate lying in the playground.

If they find chocolate, they would eat the chocolate. This would make them get on a sugar high.

Then they would go back to the shop and tear it apart.

Then the police would come and put them in jail.

If they had a screwdriver in their pocket they could break out of jail.

They would run home.

On the way home they might see a lemon tree.

If they saw a lemon tree they would ask for some fish.

By AJ, Jeremy, Dylan, Mary-Kate and Kaitlin