Sour season end for St Josephs

A Grade

Last week Bonnie McKenzie shot the winning goal against Magpies and this week against Vikings had the first shot however her counterpart Amanda Horner scored the first goal of the game. This achievement had a quick reply from Vikings Lara Etchells. There was no panic by Vikings in the goal circle. Quick passing in the goal third prior to flicking the ball into the goal circle paid a positive advantage to a first quarter 13-7 lead. By half time Vikings had a 27-18 lead. There was danger of a blow-out for St Joseph.

Libby Harrison tried her hardest to defend Vikings Tiana Freeman out of her dominance in the goal circle. Harrison blocked Freeman ready for rebounds but accuracy defeated the objective. Freeman’s height advantage to receive well placed lob passes from Casey Lukich and Belinda Myles made the task of subduing the Freeman authority difficult for both Harrison and Abby Whitaker. Vikings were also including their other dynamic scoring option. Reliable Lara Etchells was on a scoring spree. What were the options for St Joseph?

One option was to attack back. Horner and McKenzie decided to split Vikings defenders with some cunning double moves to successfully scores goals. They could not afford to miss as Vikings defenders Lily Fullerton and Courtney Webb were very enthusiastic rebounders. Regardless of the effort from St Josephs everything was still going merrily in Vikings favour at three quarter time 39-27.

St Joseph needed to sort out its midcourt passing errors. Missing targets, passing too early and forcing the ball into the goal circle was not a path to a winning formula. By readjusting tactics Amy Green, Ebony Butler and Brooke Groth did well to introduce midcourt pressure on Vikings midcourt players to earn turnovers.

When there was a thought of no hope the momentum of the game swung to St Josephs. On pure adrenalin St Josephs whittled down the deficit to within 5 goals. With 3 minutes to go injuries struck Vikings and St Josephs. Harrison off with an ankle injury, Dalla Santa on to face Freeman, Lukich off, Forsyth on to face Groth. The race was on for goals. Unbelievably St Joseph outscored Vikings in the last quarter 20-11. Vikings slid over the line 50-47. It was an astonishing conclusion.

It is another Grand Final rematch between Railways and Vikings for the A grade Premiership.

B Grade

Finals games can produce an unpredictable result. How true. Did Vikings expect to be only one goal behind Railways at half time? Probably not, but it was an incentive to strive towards who was best on court. It was impressive to see the A Grade Railways Team and supporters on the sideline cheering encouragement and on the other side of the court the Vikings A Grade Team and supporters emulating the same reinforcement.

As expected, Angela McAuliffe and Jenna Glamuzina with Jaedina-Rose Venning held the Railway defence line together. Enough latitude was afforded to McAuliffe to intercept easy to read Vikings midcourt passes. The fast hustle and bustle across the court was fabulous to watch. One miscalculation Vikings midcourt players made was trying on a second attempt to get an overhead pass to their goalies with McAuliffe hovering in front. There are no second chances with McAuliffe. The ball was snapped up for a Railway turnover. If you beat McAuliffe on the first effort do not go for a retry.

The other strength in the first half was Railways goal shooter Kelly Thompson. She was in a game winner frame of mind in the goal circle with support from Eliza Parker. Vikings defenders Jade Dawson and Celeste Ticehurst could not intimidate the goalies to falter in accuracy. No rebounds no turnovers.

In the second half there was a mood change. Vikings worked out its oversights and rectified its approach to the game. Vikings goalies upped the tempo. Carlee Margitich and Kellie Von Sneddon worked for front positioning to receive passes from Holly Nayda and Jessica Freeman. Confidence increased and so did the accuracy for goals. A strategy was working.

When passing errors were made in the goal third by Railways, Ticehurst intercepted and put Vikings into attack. The fast pace of the game relied on players being in tune with the passing tempo. One slip-up the opposition had possession. Vikings won possessions and came through the thrilling encounter winners 44-38. What a surprise!

Top seeded Quorn are prepared for an eager Vikings team in the Grand Final.           

C Grade

Goals win games. Both Magpies and Shamrocks were raining goals on court one. So much so extra time had to be played. Mandy Ferber and Jasmine Pope excelled in the goal circle for Shamrocks. Magpies defenders Stacey Colson, Kischa Stuart and Leilamarie Likouresis did well to reduce Shamrocks goal circle tactics but it was the superb accuracy of Magpies goalies Kate Brusnahan and Georgia Irvine that kept Magpies hopes alive. Shamrocks played a remarkable fourth quarter surprising everyone.

Umpires Eliza Parker and Beaudine Dalla Santa had a drawn game on their hands. The stadium was buzzing. Extra time had to be played. There had to be a winner. Tyrell Yarren owned the midcourt and with Tasma Wagner they broke the Shamrock stronghold on the game which was a tough task. Challenging the abilities of Chelsea Solomon and Shelbie Allen-Hammer meant the level of competiveness had to elevate. Magpies succeeded to the disappointment of Shamrocks 72-68.

It was a fantastic game. Both teams were applauded. Was scorer Melita Miller happy? You bet she was. Shamrocks scorer Michelle Allen held her hopes until the end.

One can only guess the outcome of the competitive clash expected from a Quorn/Magpies Grand Final.

D Grade

The noise of encouragement for both Vikings and St Josephs Blue was thunderous. Both teams had the serious intention of winning. Wanita Calyun, Marsha Warren and Cheyeanne Amos were the midcourt motivators for Vikings. Their unrelenting efforts to keep the ball flowing to their goalies Sarah Metcalf and Janolan Miller had St Josephs Blue thinking how to combat the influence. All St Josephs could do was to maintain the pace set by its opposition who were edging into a strong finish. Umpires Aileen Shannon and Tanya Aird blew the final whistle with a St Josephs win 52-50.

Scorers Kristen Scharenberg and Joyce Tanner witnessed the exciting game and wonder what the Grand Final outcome will be against the unbeaten Magpies team.

E Grade

Quorn are a competitive team which are hard to keep pace with. The Chapman mother and daughter combination, Dani and Jaquarra, combine and competed well for any of their rebound shots against St Josephs Christine Kemp and Maia Scharenberg. Quorn’s unrelenting pressure and leads from its midcourt players forced the best from St Josephs’ Grace McKnight, Tayla Carter and Sophie Maloney. The final result was secured by Quorn 53-45 earning the right to play Magpies Rebels. Thanks to Umpires Jas Eckert and Narelle Davies and scorers Julie Forsyth and Jayne McKnight.   

F Grade

Railways and Magpies White both had nine players to compete against each other. Keeping fresh legs was a key factor to both teams keeping up with each other. Viking goalies Lauren Hartmann and Madison Noll kept Railway defenders busy trying to stop them from scoring close to the ring. In return Shayla Reid and Shakyra Wilton kept the goals rolling for Railways. An exciting end favoured Magpies White 51-46.  Watch out Quorn. Magpies White will contest you in the Grand Final.

G Grade

Vikings were so close to securing the game from St Josephs until the last quarter.  It was amazing how the will to win inspired extra efforts from Chiara Trevison, Viki Bratt and Kate Hansen in the mid court. St Josephs had to bring itself from a 4 goal deficit to snatch a 39-37 win through the excellent scoring from Courtney Cox and Liana Dwyer. St Josephs will meet Shamrocks Black in the Grand Final.

H Grade

What a treat scorers Kiera Pyman and Alexis Harvey got watching and keeping tab of the goals for Quorn and Railways. In was the last quarter that got the better of Railways. There was no extra stamina to stop Quorn from pacing hard across and down the court. Umpires Nicolle Carter and Kristy Crabtree enjoyed the respectful approach taken by both teams. Quorn won 49-27 and now face Shamrocks Black.

I Grade

There was not difference in the commitment and desire to win between Railways and St Josephs. Both teams had plenty of players to share the load. There was plenty of encouragement from supporters to get either team to the winners’ line. Happy St Josephs got the game 31-28 and the Grand Final berth against Railways Blue. Thanks to umpires Jen Martin and Di Bell.

Under 15 Div 1

Quorn met Vikings without injured defender Jenna Cuffe. Both Maya Omonte-Kramer and Kaitlyn Roberts combined well in defence to match it with Vikings supreme goalies Sophie Finch and Gemma Broadwood. At three quarter time the scores were tied 25-25. Umpires Eliza Parker and Tanya Aird allowed the game to flow between the clubs best juniors whistling only on infringements. Goals win games and when turnovers were won by Louise Hunter, Meg Grover and Shalana Cox Vikings netted two vital goals to win 36-34. Vikings now have the hard contest in the Grand Final against another quality set of players in St Josephs.

Under 15 Div 2

St Joseph Blue was able to keep Railways at bay each quarter. Railways swapped their midcourt players in an attempt to unravel the opposition flow of play. The thirst for the win was all St Josephs Blue had in mind and luckily got the win 23-20. The team now meets sister team St Joseph Gold in the Grand Final. It a flag for the club but which team will be celebrating the loudest?

Thanks to scorers Michelle Heritage and Michelle Allen and Umpires Carly Whitaker and Angie Finlay.

Under 15 div 3

Two brave teams Magpies and Shamrocks weathered the cold, rain, wind and sunshine on outside court nine in front of their supportive spectators. Scorers Chantelle Harris and Melita Miller got cover under the shelter to mark down the goals whilst umpires Bianca Reid and Eliza Phillips hooded up keep up with the fast pace of the players. It was a goal for goal game. Shamrocks won 15-14 and will now advance to the Grand Final to meet Vikings.

Under 13 Div 1

Vikings Club had two good teams to compete for the right to the Grand Final. Umpires Carey Struck and Samarla Ilich whistled a tough clash between the Blue and Green Team. Both teams would not submit to the other. Both wanted the win. Vikings Blue were able to net a few more early goals which got them over the line to meet a strong Railways team in the Grand Final.

Under 13 Div 2

Umpires Aileen Shannon and Dani Chapman umpired St Josephs Gold and Magpies. Magpies loyal scorer Melita Miller watched the players give their best efforts to force Joeys to play their best and they did every quarter to win 26-15. Scorer Melinda O’Dea now wonders what the result will be for a St Joseph Gold v St Joseph Blue Grand Final. The result will be a club flag. Which team will win it?   

Under 13 Div 3

Umpires Nicolle Carter and Venessa Blinman were fully alert umpiring the competitive game between Quorn and Vikings. Quorn had a blitzing last quarter to seal the game 26-18 over Vikings. Vikings scorer Cherie Gerlach hoped for a victory however Quorn’s loyal scorer Julie Forsythe sighed with relief with the successful outcome. The next challenge is contesting Railways in the Grand Final.  

Under 11 Div 1

Jas Eckert and Jenna Glamuzina had the pleasure of umpiring a club elimination game between Vikings Blue and Vikings Green. If only the Blue team had let the nerves go in the first quarter. It was the winning factor for the Green Team who won 17-12. The anxious time is not over for Vikings Green as it now meets an eager St Josephs team in the Grand Final

Under 11 Div 2

Magpies had a stunning third quarter to outplay Vikings in its 23-9 win. Scorer Jen Martin had a smile of joy watching Magpies put together its best flowing game. Vikings scorer Samarla Ilich kept her fingers crossed hoping all the great effort that the Vikings players gave would turn the tables. Not this game. Magpies now have the hard task of facing St Joseph in the Grand Final.  

Under 11 Div 3

It is never the ideal situation for a club to play two teams off against each in an elimination final however it happened with Magpies and Magpies Rebels. All 16 players played each other in good spirits. Scorers Chris Havelberg and Amanda Loose were pleased that the Rebels scored its two goals in the third quarter. Magpies lead all game to win 24-2 and go into the Grand Final to tough it out against Vikings.   

Under 11 Div 4

Quorn with its 10 players were so lucky to hang onto its half time 13-4 lead against Shamrocks. Scoring goals wins games and Shamrocks got its 8 player strength together with Iasha Brady and Tyra Cox-Besant in the goal circle. It was helpful that Annie Allen and Jatilia Weetra-Besant put the pressure on Quorn goalies to make it hard to score. It was commendable coaching from both coaches to give all players court time. Quorn won 16-14 and will play its close rival Vikings in the Grand Final.