Stage set for an epic Grand Final rematch

GRAND FINAL REMATCH: Railways' Tylah Jackson stretches to defend in form shooter Tiana Freeman, whose height has been an advantage for Vikings all season.

GRAND FINAL REMATCH: Railways' Tylah Jackson stretches to defend in form shooter Tiana Freeman, whose height has been an advantage for Vikings all season.

The A Grade Grand Final is a rematch of 2017 Grand Final and the 2018 Anzac Day game. Railways won both games over Vikings.

Railways and Vikings teams have the quality players to provide a memorable result for 2018. It will be a fast, furious and physical clash. Can Vikings break Railways winning streak?

Railways have been unbeaten all season for good reasons. The team revolves around prominent playmaker Claire Schupelius who inspires the team with her outstanding court coverage as a goal attack. Her supernatural ability to maintain consistent stamina for four quarters assisting Railways midcourt players and keeping composure to accurately score goals will be a testing time for Vikings.

At the opposite end of the court Railways boast champion defenders Tylah Jackson and Peyton Fuller. Both are strong in rebounding and jostling goalies out of position to force passing errors which results in interceptions.

In the midcourt Mikala Fuller does not make many errors on centre passes and has developed an understanding of how Laurie Haynes and Brynn Byron-Boles offer support flowing play down and across the court. M Fullers’ added strength is her four quarters of close defending and executing the look away passes particularly to the goalies. Goal Shooter Mikayla Venning is always alert for such passes and in combination with Schupelius both generally finish with successful goal scoring.

Coach Shelley McInnes has clear role expectations of her players and so far they have delivered a wonderful result for the season. Ammy Singleton has been an interchange player with tons of ability providing added strength in the defence line when required.

Vikings are well equipped to challenge Railways. Playing Coach Casey Lukich has progressed Vikings to an elite level at the right time for a Grand Final performance. Players understand their roles and are well prepared for the contest.

Tianna Freeman is at her superb best. Vikings has the best goal shooter in peak form. At the moment Freeman is rebounding strongly for second shots for herself and Lara Etchells, powerfully leading to the front for passes and is blitzing her accuracy stats. In fact Vikings has a great scoring combination with Lara Etchells and Freeman. Etchells is as cool as a cucumber when the pressure builds.

The great strength of Vikings is its composure to settle when the pace and physical contests intensify in the midcourt. As the centre player Belinda Myles stands firm and there will be no niceties competing against her sister M Fuller when it comes to possessions. Lukich has the leadership role on the court and understands the measures needed to maintain calmness when anxiety transpires into the game.

Vikings defence line of Amelia Etchells, Courtney Webb and Lily Fullerton have adapted to the physicality required to win possessions. Not only do these champion backbone of the team players reverse opposition attacking tactics but combined they have the dynamic ability to quash the dominance of Schupelius. The test will be can they match or better the stamina level of Schupelius.

Vikings do have interchange players and it could be Phoebe Hunter and Tara Forsyth.

The success of this Grand Final clash will be a star team being successful in contrast to a team of stars winning. Which club is star team focused?

Adelaide Umpires will umpire the game.

Transcontinental Medal predictions:

The highest player award for the A Grade is the Trans Medal. Who could be the recipient?

Magpies: Aysha Zada, Ellie Packard, Jessie Maule

St Joseph: Libby Harrison, Amy Green, Bonnie McKenzie

Vikings: Lily Fullerton, Belinda Myles, Lara Etchells

Railways: Claire Schupelius, Mikala Fuller, Laurie Haynes