Railways steamroll competition and claim back-to-back titles

A Grade

Star team Railways graced the court in a united line as players were introduced to the game. Facing the players was the Vikings team. The scene was set. Vikings were the best of the rest to tackle the unbeaten Railways team.

After such a thrilling semi-final result Vikings were not given any latitude from Railways to recover from their first quarter errors. Taking advantage of the situation Railways blasted into a fast goal scoring game. Claire Schupelius and Mikayla Venning demonstrated the meaning of accuracy. Vikings defenders Lily Fullerton and Courtney Webb did not have rebound opportunities to earn turnovers. The first quarter was a dismal start by Vikings but a powerful statement was made by Railways 15-5.

Fingers crossed and a prayer from supporters did not help Vikings in the second quarter. The struggle to impress continued regardless of the players’ spirit to succeed. Railways defence line was impeccable. Tylah Jackson, best on court, along with Peyton Fuller shut Vikings goalies down. Vikings Tiana Freeman and Lara Etchells had minimal chances to get free access to passes from Belinda Myles, Casey Lukich and Amelia Etchells. When possession was gained the accuracy was not at the level matching Railways who extended its lead to 30-14.

Vikings had no choice but to revamp its line-up. Railways kept to its winning combination. Their attacking game was at its supreme best. Great passing maneuvers, midcourt back-up, interceptions, closely checking opposition players and the aspiration to be winners was a range of capabilities envied by Vikings. The fire of ambition and to keep a dream alive was all with Railways.

Vikings switched Lukich into goals, Tara Forsyth into goal defence and Lily Fullerton into the centre position. The moves took Railways by surprise. Anxiety entered the game. Hope was a consideration. Vikings outscored Railways 14-10 but trailed 28-40. The score was respectable. The cheering to motivate both teams reached a noisy thunderous level. There was a chance Vikings could reverse the momentum.

Railways remained clinical in its game plan to victory. The fourth quarter was an exhibition of the best star team in operation. Brynn Byron- Boles, Laurie Haynes, Mikala Fuller and Ammy Singleton’s combined determination owned the midcourt space and possessions. As much as Vikings were matching the goal scoring it could not break the stronghold of Railways attacking dominance especially when Schupelius injected her leadership.

There was no answer to breaking the confidence of Railways. There was no fatigue bothering Railways either. With minutes to go Myles, Vikings centre, fell to injury and once again the momentum of the game changed. This time the momentum was in favour of Railways who routinely finished the game as unbeaten premiers 53-37.

Railways are a deserved ambassador of our netball. It has played a brand of netball that set the bench mark for Vikings, St Josephs and Magpies to aspire to. Coach Shelley McInnes has managed a team of champions to the 2018 Premiership. Congratulations.

B Grade

It was a great test of the champions when Quorn and Vikings met to play for the premiership flag. It was a close and exciting display of determination to gain the top accolade of being a premiership team. Kellie Von Sneddon and Carlee Margitich played a wonderful game for Vikings and were made to earn every goal they scored by earnest defending from Quorn’s Kate Ozlins and Kandeana Steele. There was heavy contesting for the ball between the players.

To keep stamina flowing Vikings switched Jessica Freeman and Holly Nayda to bring Bianca Reid into the midcourt area. This move complimented the defending prowess of Phoebe Hunter, Celest Ticehurst and Jade Dawson. The defending players gave Quorn’s goalies a challenging time. Best player on the court Kiera Pyman came to the rescue to maintain poise under pressure to keep the goals rolling for Quorn whilst Tayla Finlay acted as a decoy to open up space for Pyman.

As much as Vikings were hammering home a gallant game it could not shake the determination of Quorn. The bold leadership from Angie Finlay and Alice Wilsdon in the midcourt and around the goal circle backed up the close defending attention Meggan Finlay gave to Vikings attacking players.

The game came down to which team could stretch its stamina to the end of the game. Quorn breathed a sigh of elation to score the vital goals in the fourth quarter to win the premiership flag 56-48. Congratulations Quorn.

C Grade

The confident dominance in the midcourt from Tyrell Yarran was the key factor to Magpies keeping in touch with Quorn’s unflinching desire to winning games. Adding to the Magpies strength were goalies Georgia Irvine and Kate Brusnahan who had Magpies leading 41-35 at three quarter time.

Quorn thrive on challenges and a bombshell fourth quarter was expected. Jayde Finlay and Brittany Popp found a way to move around Magpies defenders to hit an accuracy level that surpassed Magpies efforts. The cheering escalated as the margin between the two teams decreased. Magpies were able to thwart off the endeavors of Quorn to win an exciting premiership game 53-51. Congratulations.

D Grade

Undefeated Magpies led by icon Carmen Kernahan kept its reputation in tact each quarter against a determined St Josephs Blue. Competitive contests came from St Josephs Brianna Forrest, Maria Corbell, Selina Hodge, Lori Pillion, Tamsin MacPherson, Kim Malomey, Lucy Mercer and Alanah Rowe. Magpies had nine players well skilled into returning a spirited response.

It was Amelia Shanahan in defence that saved Magpies from being overwhelmed by the assertive St Josephs attack. By intercepting and gaining turnovers Shanahan was able to draw Mandy Grantham, Hayleigh Dunne, Larissa Ryan into a back-up support to Paige Matheson Kate Richards and Louise Kirkham who had the task of streaming the ball to goalies Kernahan and Sophie Corbett.

What a fantastic competitive game. Magpies kept its proud colours flying for the premiership flag 47-36. Congratulations.  

E Grade

Quorn had the first half of the game wrapped into its clasp for a win 19-17. It was a slim lead but it had Magpies Rebels thinking of strategy to outwit its opposition. With ten players the chance to a forming a winning combination was well in its grasp. The thorn in Quorn’s side was Magpies best player Georgia Holland.

Holland and Bonnie Whipps unnerved goalies Dani and Jaquarra Chapman in the second half of the game. Quorn did have Kaitlyn Roberts easing her way through the midcourt to move the ball forward to her goal end but once Magpies controlled the midcourt in the second half it became a surety that if its goalies could out lead Quorn defenders success would follow.

Well done Fallon Butler and Mikayla Ferber to find a pathway to face the goal ring with success and outscore Quorn to earn Magpies Rebels the premiership trophy 38-31. Congratulations.

F Grade

Quorn kept its players in their best positions to combat the enthusiastic efforts of Magpies White who were in red hot form leading 14-9- in the first quarter. By simply switching goalies Stephanie Saxton and Rebekah O’Neill with different scoring roles Quorn were able to make amends in the second quarter 15-6 to take a 24-19 lead. Katrina Williams in the centre gave the drive required to keep Quorn on track to a win.

It was the final quarter that Magpies gathered a final burst of energy to jolt Quorn into a reality check. Positive Quorn responded admirably to claim a premiership victory 44-40. Congratulations.

G Grade

Undefeated Shamrocks Black knew it was going to be challenged by St Josephs. Scores were even at half time 15-15. The game came down to which team could reliably get a score when their goalies got possession of the ball.

St Joseph had Chiara Trevison and Kate Hansen feeding Liana Dwyer and Courtney Cox in the goal circle. The biggest plunge for the win came in the last quarter. The dynamic spree by Shamrocks in the third quarter held it in a good position to force St Josephs to chase for an overturn of the lead.

It was so close to being an overturn but fortunate Shamrocks Black led by consistent goal shooter and best on court Monique Hewitt kept the Saints at bay. Louise Briggs, Monica Tunks and Macacia Marich worked hard in the midcourt to gain valuable possessions which flowed into goal opportunities. Shamrocks Black earnt the premiership glory 29-27. Congratulations.

H Grade

Red hot Quorn sizzled through the first quarter against a ten player Shamrocks Black team 15-7. Best on court Stephanie Teague was having a burning time a goal attack for Quorn. When Fiona Pyman chipped in the goal net was singeing with the goals.

Shamrocks Kalaysha Amos took on various positions to make an impact through the court and made some headway for the team to putting up a competitive challenge. Quorn had its sights set on a flag and kept its focus and determination on target to reach the premiership status 48-30. Congratulations Quorn.

I Grade

Undefeated Railways Blue did not get an easy road to uphold its reputation as the best in the division. It was all composed for a win. St Josephs wanted the same winning outcome and through Marli Macumba who gained control of the defending role was able put doubt into Railways minds.

The doubt increased Railways thirst for the win. The second quarter was the clinching factor for Railways Blue. Jackie Hartmann and Freya Nielsen goal kept well, icon Tracey Reid was remarkable in the goal circle with Sarah Willis. Centre player Chanda Willis kept Railways Blue on target to achieve its premiership flag 37-27. Congratulations.