St Joes claim the junior crown

Under 15 Div 1

The best of the juniors showed a remarkable composure under pressure to perform at elite level. St Josephs best player and sharp shooter Lucy Janiak responded unaffected by Vikings attention to focus on zoning her out of the goal circle. Her counter-part Paris Thompson eased herself into the responsible role of scoring goals with the same attention being applied by Vikings defenders Shalana Cox and Rylee Dalla Santa.

As much as St Josephs were having successful quarters the response from Vikings goalies Sophie Finch and Gemma Broadwood kept the intensity of the match at a high level. The midcourt strength from Maggie Woodforde, Kaylanah Reid and Ebony Butler supported the turnover possessions from Elle Henderson and Maia Scharenberg. The team approach had clicked into full speed.

There were only five goals separating the two teams at three quarter time. Vikings swapped players in the last quarter in an endeavor to unsettle St Josephs dominance. Vikings midcourt players Meg Grover and Louise Hunter opened up space to assist with the flow of play for Vikings however Ebony Butler read play and made interceptions that brought Janiak and Thompson back into scoring goals.

It was a great game from both teams. St Josephs kept its undefeated aspirations alive with the premiership win 39-32. Congratulations.

Under 15 Div 2

St Josephs club was always going to claim a premiership. The Gold and Blue teams tested each other’s ability in the battle for the shield. Lauren Howell shone on the court for the Blues with her drive and energy to lead for possessions. Once the ball hit the goal circle goalies Zali O’Dea and Ebony Ranke found a way to face the goals in front of Golds’ defenders Millie Hunter and Ashlee Woodforde. More goals fell the way of St Josephs Blue to secure the premiership 40-26. Congratulations

Under 15 Div 3

Undefeated Vikings excelled itself in the last quarter against Shamrocks to bask in the glory of a premiership 26-14. Alice Ticehurst had control of Vikings defending responsibilities to shut down the enthusiasm of Shamrocks two goalies Ashlee Boyle and Kelsey Hayes. Vikings also had defender K-Lee Collins helping to get the ball to her goalies Shayla Warren and Kiesha Cullen. It was a great game. Congratulations Vikings.

Under 13 Div 1

Dynamic Ellyssa Myles led Vikings Blue against a tenacious Railways striving for success in the last quarter. The game was all but over with Vikings in the box seat for the win. Railways had other thoughts and with a few position changes Sophie Glamuzina, Emily Murphy, Kyra Mahomed challenged Vikings with a surprise attack. Not to let a chance of glory pass it by Jessie Harris, Myles, Casey Green, Shannon Thompson, K-Lee Collins, Alice Ticehurst and Kiesha Cullen rallied and kept its thrilling dream alive for Vikings Blue premiership 36-33.

Under 13 Div 2

Jada Grosser had the leadership role as goal attack to lead St Josephs Gold to a premiership victory over sister team St Joseph Blue 31-22. Tori Groth for Gold  and Tiahne Carter for Blue kept each other busy claiming possessions for their teams. Both teams had defenders that claimed vital interceptions. Ella Humphrys and Amy Donaldson did well for the Blues and Imogen Packard and Nicole Edwards rebounded soundly for the Gold team. Congratulation St Josephs Gold.

Under 13 Div 3

Excellent defending skills earned Emily Millington the best player on the court for Quorn against Railways. This clash was a goal for goal affair. Quorn was able to keep calm when the intensity in attack increased from Railways through the efforts of Taylah Noll, Shayleigh Cooper and Chloe Cox. Great games from Quorn’s Ruby Meyers, Mackenzie Chapman, Mia Crisp and Brooke Maison helped to win the exciting premiership 18-17. Congratulations.

Under 11 Div 1

Vikings Green was all out for a win. The only block was that St Josephs had the same intention. Both teams had each other clambering for goals and possessions. Tori Groth was a dynamic centre player combining the flow of play through the court for St Joseph with help from Alice Murphy, Emily Hamilton and Georgie Hoffman.

Vikings Green swapped their goalies around which assisted in closing the gap to a one deficit. Well done Imogen Myles and Macey Badcock to bring the excitement to the game. Feeding off the adrenalin was St Josephs Hanna Gerlach and Ella Humphrys who held firm in defence to get St Josephs over the line for the premiership 22-21.

Under 11 Div 2

Magpies had a good idea of how to approach a grand final. The players backed each other up to keep the ball away from St Josephs as much as they could. Shanae Wilson, Tori Grantham, Mardii Press, Mikaela Foulis, LilLy Veljkovic, Zakari Milera-Starkey and Lacelle Allen got the equation right to win the premiership 24-12. St Josephs Pippa Redden was best on court. Congratulations Magpies.

Under 11 Div 3

By scoring goals each quarter served a good purpose for Magpies. Eve Grantham shone as goal defence and coupled with Erika Loose made it difficult for Vikings goalies to get a scoring rhythm together. Madeline Jenkin, Claire Hancock, Danelle Cullen and Syriah Reid all had a go to increase the number of goals for Vikings from 5. Magpies kept its faith with Sienah MacKinlay and Annie Rossiter to score 9 goals which meant Magpies won the premiership. Congratulations.

Under 11 Div 4

Quorn and Vikings on court 9 in the sunshine surrounded by supporters played a close encounter. Mia Crisp led the scoring for Quorn and her leadership rippled through the team. It was a key factor to keep Vikings from bolting to overtake the lead. The ten players for Quorn got court time and together the unified approach secured a premiership. Congratulations Matilda Brooks, Crisp, Elspeth Lyman, Cheyanne Maher, Hannah Moosha-Hancock, Lily-Mae Butler, Bailey Buckingham, Shelby Finlay, Ebonie Werth and Rosslyn Stuart-Colson on the 25-17 premiership win.