Stream Umeewarra Radio from anywhere in the world

CHANGING TIDE: Umeewarra Media Director Vince Coulthard with 'Straight Out Show' host Dre Ngatokorua.
CHANGING TIDE: Umeewarra Media Director Vince Coulthard with 'Straight Out Show' host Dre Ngatokorua.

Like all media in the digital age, radio is in the midst of major change.

In a bid to keep up with the changing tide, Umeewarra Media have revealed a brand new website this week, complete with a live digital streaming service. 

89.1 fm is now accessible around the country and overseas. Port Augusta expats can keep up to date with all things Umeewarra Radio – taking with them a little slice of home wherever they go.

“It’s about reaching more people for us, but also when kids are away they are able to tune in and feel like they can get a bit of information from home,” Umeewarra Media Director Vince Coulthard said.

“This is a sign of the future for Umeewarra and we are here, hopefully, to stay.”

Established in 1987, Umeewarra Media has seen a range of changes in the way people consume radio.

Starting out as a 20 minute segment produced for the ABC, Umeewarra has withstood – and relished – in the evolution of community radio broadcast.

“We had to keep up with the industry,” Mr Coulthard said.

“It goes back to radio being a very much the way it was before the coming of non-Indigenous people to this country.

“Our stories were told orally. It was oral history and word of mouth and radio is very much word of mouth, but we are using technology today to help the process.”

As well as being available to stream via the their own website, Umeewarra Radio is also available on the newly relaunched indigiTUBE – a centralised access point for all First Nation media.

Umeewarra media broadcaster Dre Ngatokorua is excited by the potential exposure.

“It’s a huge step really for us, it’s great to move up. We have a request section where people can request songs, they can request birthday messages or promote events they have got coming up.

“Hopefully we can get a lot more people going on there to get their messages out there. Port Augusta has so much to offer and it’s a great way for us to be able to help get it out there.”