A great photo can speak a million words

First impressions: Using quality photos in real estate listings can make all the difference.
First impressions: Using quality photos in real estate listings can make all the difference.

If you are looking to sell your home, the word from the experts is that professional photography helps to sell a home faster and for more money.

As we all know, first impressions are all important and a great photo can speak not a thousand, but a million words.

Even with more technology for the amateur photographer, there is more to getting the right shots than just pointing and clicking. Great photography is all about lighting, angles and evoking emotion.

Drone photography and cinematography are gaining momentum.  Aerial shots can showcase a location perfectly, particularly if your home is close to the coast or you have acres. 

Real estate photographers are now producing dramatic, sweeping shots of landscapes, ocean and mountain vistas and seamless fly-arounds of gorgeous home exteriors.

John McGrath, founder and executive director of McGrath said:

“When I started in real estate most agents took their own photos.  Today it has moved on to somewhat of a fine art with some agents’ shots looking more like Architectural Digest. In fact, I think Australia is right up at the top of global real estate marketing.  

“However, I think there’s a fine line between being too literal and too artistic.  Some agents just shoot four walls and furniture,  and some are too left field in what they include.  I think there’s a happy medium.  You want to represent the home accurately but you have to show off the lifestyle available to the new owner.  

“And today more and more personal elements are finding their way into photo shoots.  People, pets, group activity.  I think it’s a good direction as it personalises the property more so. 

“We are all pretty visual so the photography is the most important element of a marketing campaign.”

Rebecca Sloan is Ray White’s marketing manager and she says:

"Your property photos are the first impression of your home and professional photography is the first essential step in all real estate marketing. 

“When our customers are buying and selling property it's all about capturing the imagination of the potential buyer. Our branding guidelines are curated to begin this process in customers' minds, we’re not simply selling a house - but a lifestyle. 

“There has been a big shift towards using real estate stylists to prepare your house prior to photography and open homes. If this isn't in your budget consider the small touches you can add, such as soft furnishings, art, fresh flowers or plants. 

“A helpful tip is to compose your image so that the central point of interest or importance can be maintained - whether it is a cropped to landscape, portrait or square image."