Port Augusta woman pays for young mum's groceries

FAMILY: Tamika's children Jayden, Madeline, Laura and Nicholai.
FAMILY: Tamika's children Jayden, Madeline, Laura and Nicholai.

An act of kindness at the local supermarket has left Port Augusta shoppers gobsmacked.

After a technical issue with her Coles gift card, mum of four Tamika Hodshon was left stranded and unable to pay for her shopping in what she described as a “full shame job”.

Enter a kind stranger, introducing herself only as Pam. After patiently waiting behind Tamika while she scrambled to pay for her groceries, the knight in shining armour stepped forward and paid for the entire lot – all $170 worth.

Tamika immediately took to social media to gush over the random act of kindness. She said aside from a hug the only thing she could give her new friend was public appreciation. 

“I would have had to have gone down to the library to print this thing off because it wasn’t working on my phone and it was just making it an inconvenience for myself and everyone else in the shop lining up behind me,” Tamika said.

“As I was trying to fix my phone the lady behind me who was just waiting patiently the whole time offered to pay for it and at first I didn’t believe her. She got her card out and was just gunning for it.”

The post, describing her new friend as rarer than a “unicorn petting zoo”, has been liked over 200 times on popular Facebook group ‘Rant ‘n’ Rave’. 

“I was gobsmacked, I couldn’t thank her enough I nearly cried,” Tamika wrote.

“This lady just saved my ass and refused every offer of paying her back only to tell me to pay it forward.”

Tamika, who said she has never come across such generosity in her life, is looking forward to her chance to pay it forward and hopes to brighten someone else’s day in similar fashion.