Safety concerns close overtaking lanes between Pirie and Augusta

Northbound overtaking lanes near Mambray Creek on the Augusta Highway have been temporarily closed due to defects and damages in the lanes. 

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) is working closely with the contractor of the new lanes to monitor the condition where the defects have occurred to ensure the damages are promptly rectified. 

A spokesperson for the department says that the lane will remain closed with traffic management and signage in place and thank road users for their patience. 

The condition of the road has sparked outrage on local Facebook pages with users saying the road is falling apart and is a nightmare to drive on. 

Motorists have complained that gravel has been used to fill the road which is said to create more danger with lose rocks spraying other cars when changing lanes. 

The overtaking lanes between Port Pirie and Port Augusta are not the first to cause strife to drivers in the Spencer Gulf, with the overtaking lanes between Port Augusta and Whyalla previously a danger to road users. 

Local Member for Stuart Dan van Holst Pellekaan has acknowledged the frustration. 

“There is no doubt that overtaking lanes make highways safer for all motorists, but of course they must be constructed to a high standard,” Mr van Holst Pellekaan said.

“I am aware of concerns about the quality of the new overtaking lanes from local people and also from my own driving, and the Transport Department is addressing them as a matter of priority.”

“While it was the previous government which contracted the work, we take our responsibility as the government very seriously to make these two highways as safe as possible and will do all we can to improve them.”

The affected lanes have been closed and speed limits have been reduced for the safety of road users.