Horoscopes: week beginning January 27

ARIES: On a social level, January 29-31 is an active and vibrant time for Arians. This is also a good time to plan each step towards the achievement of a goal. Your schedules are crowded. Be wary about provoking people who are more powerful and influential than you during January 31 to February 4 as the enmities aroused will force you on a path you’d rather avoid.

TAURUS: January 29-31 is a busy time for Taureans, when you’ll be performing a juggling act. This is a time when career matters, children, romance and money are all important. January 31 to February 4 is problematic as unwanted ideas may well be forced upon you. It will also feel as if others don’t want to listen to you either. Beware of alienating a friend.

GEMINI: There’s bound to be some contact from someone at a distance during January 29-31. Paperwork in connection with travel, education, advertising and law also figure in activities. Situations force Gemini to revise their financial position as issues with loans, taxation, insurance, superannuation, partner’s income, or joint income place pressure on you.

CANCER: There’s likely to be some communication over a financial matter during January 29-31, probably in connection with loans, taxation, insurance or refunds. Money will be exchanging hands. Conflict, between career pathways and partnerships, manifests in Cancerian lives during January 31 to February 4, making it necessary to devise a plan that will help you surmount obstacles.

LEO: During January 29-31 there is more communication with your business partner and spouse. Money, ethics, goals and friendships form part of the focus of discussion. Powerful influences shape your working life during January 31 to February 4, with important changes being unavoidable. Similarly, responsibilities are being reshaped within the home, especially if you work from home.

VIRGO: Work or a health matter will preoccupy many Virgoan natives during January 29-31. There is much that can be achieved with planning and personal effort. Obsessive and compulsive trends will be playing with Virgoan emotions during January 31 to February 4, with you are in initiator or recipient. Children and romance provide the setting for this scenario.

LIBRA: Children, grandchildren or a romantic interest will be on the minds of many Librans during January 29-31. Vacation or travel plans are in the wind for some. Changes may be forced within the home or in association with a property matter during January 31 to February 4. Income or money associated with this situation may well be involved.

SCORPIO: January 29-31 is a busy time on the domestic front with re-organisation, a move or family involvement filling your schedules. Financial aspects are under consideration. It’s time to review your schedules and plans whether you like it or not. There may be some difficulties in reaching an agreement or organising these changes during January 31 to February 4.

SAGITTARIUS: January 29-31 is one of those times when the phone never stops ringing and the letters pile high. It would be handy to have a secretary to take care of all that you need to do. Financial pressure contributes to Sagittarian difficulties during January 31 to February 4. You may be tempted to take a gamble on these matters but it is unlikely to work out then.

CAPRICORN: Money should be flowing around you during January 29-31 because of your own industrious efforts. There could also be expenses related to communication, travel, education, law or advertising. Situations and things in your life are clearly set to change, with January 31 to February 4 promoting these events rather forcefully. You are determined to make your dreams a reality happen then.

AQUARIUS: There is much for Aquarian individuals to personally accomplish in structured routines during January 29-31, but you are allowed a scope of creativity in your actions. Difficulties in managing personal problems seem to manifest during January 31 to February 4. These are not insurmountable and you are likely to feel thwarted by those in authority.

PISCES: There are a few concerns plaguing Piscean individuals during January 29-31, most likely with domestic, property or family matters, or business or marital relationships. Pisces will be pushing hard to realise their dreams during January 31 to February 4 but need to ensure they maintain a good standard of ethical conduct. Even so, you may alienate some associates.

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