Night of flamenco not to be missed

Port Augusta will be blown away with an evening of Andalusian flamenco as dancer Kristy Manuel and guitarist Aloysius Leeson stage a production of flamenco music and dance inspired by flamenco from the heart of Spain. The production will take the audience on a journey back to the cultural roots that have contributed to this rich artform.

The duo behind the Adelaide-based flamenco ensemble and school Casa de Flamenco will showcase their talents in a performance on Saturday, April 13 at Lea Theatre. Kristy Manuel and Aloysius Leeson together with guests El Titi de Algeciras (singer), Rosalie Cocchiaro, and Laura Uhe (dancers) will transport the audience to the heart of Andalusia in Spain with an evening of passionate, powerful flamenco dance, guitar, song and percussion. Aloysius Leeson, who has worked at dance studios in Seville, is known for his intense and soulful performances. Casa de Flamenco and guests will deliver a night of inspired flamenco, bringing their experiences of authentic flamenco from Spain alive in a show that is not to be missed.