Final games for Upper North Region 3 held in Wilmington

The final games for the Upper North Region 3 took place at the Wilmington Bowling Club last weekend.

With a large amount of spectators the first games to take place was between the pennant winners of North Western and Spencer Gulf Bowling Associations.

Division 1. ETSA Gold defeated Laura 66-40

Division 2. ETSA Blue defeated Orroroo 63 - 52

After lunch the Champ of Champs from the two associations also competed in singles, pairs and fours.

FOURS: ETSA's Mark Cooper, Larry Thompson, Timm Thompson and Ian Long defeated Port Pirie's Peter Huckwell, John Yull, Kenton Franks, and Stephen Lynch.

PAIRS: Laura Bowling Club's Milton Hefferman and Anthony Kleinig defeated Port Augusta's Kelly Grantham and Michael Grimes 20-14.

SINGLES: Michael Treloar, Whyalla Golf, defeated Duane Woods, Gladstone 25-8.

All winners can now take part in the SA Regional Championship to be held at Encounter Bay Bowling Club in May.