Toni celebrates three decades of hits

Soulful singer Toni Childs brings her Restrospective tour to the Glasshouse on April 19.

Soulful singer Toni Childs brings her Restrospective tour to the Glasshouse on April 19.

Soulful singer Toni Childs is very much like the tiny creature she champions - the bee - as she buzzes from thought to thought and back again.

Her evocative music has always captured the imagination of fans as it put voice to the ills of the world and the causes she has supported in what is now a three-decade music career.

Her Retrospective Tour will see her perform at 60 venues across Australia, many of which will welcome her for the first time. A gruelling schedule of five shows a week doesn't daunt the 61-year-old.

Childs will be performing at the Lea Memorial Theatre in Port Augusta on May 10.

"It's really easy, it's like being on a conveyor belt. I get an exchange of love from the audiences, and I'm not travelling too many hours in the day," Childs said.

"I make appointments at a local gym, and then I am fresh for the day.

"I have bass, guitar, cello, and keyboards. It's more of a studio experience, so I don't have to sing above the band.

"And other than talking to the beekeepers wherever I go, I don't talk to anyone. If you are quiet you can rebuild your energy."

Childs says this tour is a celebration.

"It's not just my greatest hits, it's like you are walking into an art gallery and see a retrospective of an artist's work."

The first half includes favourites I've Got to Go Now, Because your Beautiful, Many Rivers to Cross, Stop Your Fussin', Woman's Boat, Keep the Faith, House of Hope, Union, and Don't Walk Away.

She loves audience participation.

"I've gotten rid of that third wall, I like to break that down to really make a concert special rather than me just being up there being special, it's more intimate."

Child's believes a concert reveals "where we are now, and where we've been".

"When people move into their 40s and 50s there is a reckoning. You go back to unravel your life. After 13 years of illness, I had to come back into my skin."

In the second half of the concert Childs will introduce her new music from albums - It's All a Beautiful Noise and Citizens of the Planet - both of which are still works in progress.

They are part of two unique 3D mapping animated shows with music and high tech audience engagement for which she is seeking investment.

Next year she hopes to publish a book - Seeds of Personal Change.

"Our generation was born into the world of chemicals in everything from medicines to personal and cleaning products. They wreak havoc on our immune system. We need to get hip to the beat to use our intelligence to stop the destruction."

She will be meeting with beekeepers on her tour.

"I'm going to make them the rock stars," she says.