St. Joseph outclass Railways in A Grade clash | GALLERY

St Joseph def. Railways

A Grade St Joseph pounced early to score the first two goals of the game within four minutes.

Last season premiership team Railways got caught up in the fast furious pace dictated by the opposition.

Once settled Railways fightback kept St Joseph on a high competitive edge.

Everything was gold for St Josephs. Top accuracy from Lucy Janiak backed up under the ring by playing coach Lisa Welfare, midcourt players Ebony Butler, Amy Green and Leah Carling timely leading and grabbing possessions both in attack and defence complimented the synchronized goal circle interceptions and rebounds from Courtney Webb and Taylor-Lee Breen.

Welfare and Janiak made it look easy when breaking up the goal circle defence.

It was not a perfect day in the goal circle. Missed shots meant Webb and Breen had to keep opposition goalies Claire Schupelius and Jaedina Rose Venning from close aiming opportunities at the goal ring. Venning did surprise with a few mid-range successes.

At half time the game looked promising for St Joseph who led 22-18. Railways champion reputation forced the players to dig deep to save its status.

It was not the lack of will, energy or desperation by Railways it was St Josephs orchestrated and controlled approach to the match that got it over the line to win 49-41.

What a win. Watch out Vikings. The St Josephs v Vikings game will be worth the watch.

A special mention to U15 Maia Scharenberg who covered the goal defence position for A Grade St Josephs while Breen received first aid treatment.

Vikings def. Magpies

What a blow to Vikings in the first quarter against Magpies when Casey Lukich suffered a calf injury. Lukich was competently replaced by Bianca Reid and Belinda Myles to share the wing attack position.

Once again Tiana Freeman received perfect high drop lob passes to confidently score goal after goal. Also maintaining her accuracy percentage was Lara Etchells.

Magpies' defenders Ellie Packard and Jessie Maule could only join in the game on interceptions. Forget about securing a high ratio of rebounds. Freeman had that part covered.

A remarkable third quarter burst from goal shooter Ebony Janiak caught Vikings unaware to be outscored 11-13.

That problem was fixed when Tylah Jackson and Erin Egel closed the leading spaces of Aysha Zada and E Janiak to turn play over to Vikings control. Vikings increased tenacity secured the 58-42 win.


What was St Josephs thinking to allow Quorn a 11-4 first quarter lead? It was not so much the thought process as it was for the team to get a combination working.

Any generosity given to Quorn will be seriously taken. Angie, Jayde, Meggan and Tayla Finlay protected the lead for the rest of the game with Jenna Cuffe, Claire Mckenry, Sarah Bury and Chelsea Fraser contributing valuable input in defence and goal scoring.

St Joseph did get its combination working via the wonderful relentless run through the centre by Charlotte Hill.

Opportunities opened up for Lexie Morris to feed goalies Tara Hogg and Annie Packard.

The persistence forced Quorn to deliver its best effort. As exhausted as players were Quorn rewarded its supporters by keeping its opposition at bay 41-35.

Vikings B Grade played like a team deserving to be in the A Grade division.

Railways looked like the trend setters last week but this week it was shown up as lacking the competitive edge to threaten its opposition.

Railways made changes in the third quarter to outscore Vikings 14-10 but in reality it was still lagging behind 31-46.

Railways will not be alone in its quest to defeat Vikings.

Every B Grade team will need to think how it will combat Vikings superior line-up of Carlee Margitich, Kellie Von Senden, Jessica Freeman, Belinda Myles, Belinda Reid, Kym Bishop and Jade Dawson.

One consolation is that teams have all season to perfect a strategy. Vikings won 61-41.


Quorn faced an ever changing position changing Railways. It was a plan that worked for Railways. Lucy Waterworth, Teraleyha Couthard and Milla Grosser sorted out who was best to exploit Quorn's defence line of Brooke Maison, Maya Omonte-Kramer and Emily Millington. Quorn owned the second quarter but the end result and continual persistence belonged to Railways 22-19


It was excitement plus for both Magpies and St Josephs Blue. The impressive part of Magpies game was its timely leads and the structure to its passing maneuvers.

Laura Hancock stood out as the defender of the game. Her strong leads and thought given to the best pass to her players gave Magpies a three quarter 21-16 lead.

St Josephs was irritated by the situation and the team's fighting spirit in the last quarter to desperately score goals saw Lilah Hill and Jada Grosser with 27 seconds to go score the final goal to draw the game 22 all.

What an excellent result for the best display of desperation.

It was Magpies Kahmesha Wilton who intercepted a St Joseph's goal circle pass with ten seconds to go to deny Joeys a last chance shot at securing a winning goal.


Shamrocks saved its best to the last quarter. Larah Promintz passed to goal shooter to perfection. Ashlee Boyle shared the scoring responsibility with Jazmine Disseldrop.

There was a very good height match in the goal circle which made for a competitive race for either team to grab the win.

Karli Basson, Zohie MacKinlay, Taya Duhring and Brooke Grantham shone in their endeavors for Magpies-Rebels however Shamrocks Destiny Freer and Soraya Harris spoilt the energetic Magpies Rebel idea of a win to swing the game through good defending work to enthusiastically grab a Shamrocks one goal win 21-20.