Candidates' heartening response

It was heartening to read that three out of four candidates for the seat of Grey believe the proposed nuclear waste dump sites in the Flinders and at Kimba are wrong and that the process should go back to the drawing board (The Transcontinental, May 8).

Our two communities have been saying this to the Federal Government for more than three years.

No one denies that Australian generated nuclear waste should be permanently and safely disposed of in a suitable, geologically stable and socially acceptable location.

Sitting Member for Grey, Rowan Ramsey, said "governments have been trying to solve this issue for 40 years".

The fact that after all this time there is still no national dump should be proof that what they are doing is wrong.

Pouring money and promises over two small communities at the same time, hoping to buy enough support from one or the other, is no answer.

A national problem needs a national solution.

Hopefully, after next Saturday, there will be a change of thinking that produces a new approach.

Our communities are faced with trying to repair the deep division and social damage that has been done to them.

Greg Bannon, Quorn (spokesperson for the Flinders Local Action Group)

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