Cannons leave Assassins scoreless

South Bulldogs 10 d Travellers Rest Blue 6

It appeared as though this match was destined to be a very tight finish as the first three sets were tied at two frames each

But Bulldogs fought back and put it all together in the final set to win all four frames and thereby secure a comfortable victory.

All players contributed to Bulldogs success, with Ashley Walters winning three from four, Jason Nance winning two from three, Cody Alchin and Dewayne Pieters each winning two from three.

Andrew Reynolds was successful in the only frame that he played.

The Blue team was best served by Terry McKenzie with three from four and Christine White who won two of her four frames.

RSL Cannons 16 d PABC Assassins 0

Cannons showed no mercy in their demolition of bottom placed Assassins, as they did not allow their opposition to score.

Their four representatives, Ian Long, Tim Martlew, Brodie Grantham and James Little had the perfect four wins from four frames as they consolidated second position on the premiership table.

Stirling North Progress Cougars 8 tied with Central Red 8

The Red team opened this match in fine form, winning the opening set by four frames to zero. But this score line was reversed in the second set when Cougars tied the score at four all.

The Reds then kicked away again in the third set, only to see Cougars fight back in the final set to again level the score in an entertaining match.

Best players for Cougars were Rhys Bavington and William Tucker with two wins from their three frames, whilst Rhys Bavington won two from four.

For the Red team, Matt McCarthy, Kelvyn Rigden, Dani Grantham and Glyn Adams all won two of their four frames.

Travellers Rest Gunners 12 d Flinders Ferals 4

Gunners were relentless in the opening three sets of this match, at one point they lead by eleven frames to one.

Despite a comeback by Ferals, who won the final set by three frames to one, Gunners came away with a convincing win. Anthony Grantham and Troy Coe were undefeated in the three frames that they played, whilst Tim Allport, Dave Stirling and Tim O'Neill all won two from three.

Bill Taylor was the only player for Ferals with multiple frames, winning two from four.

The match between PABC Shooters and RSL Dynamite was postponed until a date to be determined.