St Joseph claim victory over Vikings | GALLERY

The powerful first quarter 19-10 put A Grade St Josephs in a commanding position against Vikings. It was amazing to watch Amy Green fly high for centre passes from Leah Carling without contest and to feed goalies Lucy Janiak and Lisa Welfare with such ease. Janiak was not intimidated by either of Vikings defenders Tylah Jackson or Erin Egel. Her accuracy was the main reason St Josephs secured a stunning start to the game.

Once again the reliable defending prowess of Taylor-Breen and Courtney Webb unsettled Vikings goalies Tianna Freeman and Lara Etchells. Interceptions were many and the easy feed to Ebony Butler started the passing flow back through Carling and Green to Janiak and Welfare.

Vikings got over being stunned and in the second quarter Etchells scorched the net with goals. The hustle and bustle in the goal circle took the game to a new competitive level. Every possession had to be earned. Every shot at goal needed to count. Defenders in both teams excelled in rebounding missed shots.

At three quarter time St Josephs held its lead 50-41. The fourth quarter was a blistering battle. Welfare led like a champion for St Joseph and thrived on the extra pressure being applied to unsettle her accuracy confidence. It was a powerful display of ownership in the goal circle. At the other end of the court Freeman was responding to the lob passes close to the goal post. The scores were getting closer. The early fast and furious pace set by St Josephs paid dividends to capture the prestigious 62-57 win.

Railways def Magpies

Magpies A Grade nearly ended its losing drought of losses but for one mistake in the last minute of the game against Railways. Magpies in a frantic moment lost its centre pass on a Railways interception. Railways scored a goal and then another on its own centre pass to secure the 49-47 win.

During the game Magpies were in brilliant form. The timely leads and best ever performances in particular from Talia Berry, Kelsey Ellis and Victoria Glen inspired the team to produce its finest coordinated team effort.

Jessie Maule and Ellie Packard brilliantly kept a tight rein on Railways goalies Claire Schupelius and Jaedina Rose Venning. Every goal had to be earned. The surprise gem for Magpies was Kate Brusnahan who admirably shouldered the scoring responsibility with Aysha Zada.

Can Magpies repeat its extraordinary game again as it did against the highly fancied Railways team.


The first quarter tenacity from both Magpies and Vikings Green showed the signs of a cliffhanger of a game but it all fizzled in the second quarter. Magpies with 8 players used strategic moves to keep Sakaya Newchurch and Kaleesha Thompson as defenders in the goal third and by switching its attacking players each quarter. Carly Veljkovic, Louise Kirkham and Zahli Liddicoat were just too strong in the accuracy department for Vikings Green to combat. Goalies Jessie Harris and Abby L Martin were well fed by Eliza Phillips and Lily Ticehurst to peg back the deficit for Vikings but the Magpies determination responded every time to take the game 55-38.

Quorn had a disastrous second quarter that cost it any chance to threaten Vikings Blue. Once Vikings Blue got rhythm going its confidence hit an elite level. Letarnya Khan and Tamika Reid reveled in the many opportunities presented to them for goal scoring. Emma Finch, Louise Hunter, Ellyssa Myles and Shalana Cox shone in the midcourt while defenders Kristin Jayne Elliot and Sophie Finch kept Quorn goalies Brittany Pope and Billie Jo Grantham on the back foot. Big win to Vikings Blue 67-40.

St Josephs can thank Charlotte Hill and Courtney Burgess for their wonderful composure in goals to keep the team competitive against Shamrocks. Defenders Beaudine Dalla Santa and Amy Nayda had their work cut out to temper Shamrocks goalies Tanikka Warren and Jasmine Pope. The game was fast and energetic through the midcourt. Tylah Winton, Sam Boully, Selina Hodge and Zali O'Dea were evenly matched against Shamrocks Chelsea Solomon, Shelbie Allen-Hammer and Shyanne Altmann. Lucky St Josephs hung on in the last quarter to snatch a 50-49 win.


The number one role of a coach is to enable an environment that kids love practice and love playing. For netball the girls will naturally develop a love for practice and love for the game if it is something they enjoy. It can be encouraged and supported but it cannot be forced. Winning is important but for a majority of kids they just want to play and have fun.

Well done to the club coaches, supporters, parents and girls who are developing the environment for our Learner Teams to enjoy the fun and love of netball. Shamrocks Green did not score a goal against Railways but they had fun trying by switching players into different positions to stop the flow to the goal circle.

Leekeisha Doolan , Tori Young and Maddison Feltus, tried their luck for goal shooting. Charlee-Anne Willis went from Goal Keeper to driving play through the centre, Chelsea Milera and Aleeah Bannerman shared the wing defence position which is one of the hardest positions to play. The other hard position to play is goal keeper and Jahniqua Brady wrapped up a great effort.

Railways were impressive with its ability to get a good consistent flow of play. When players were leading to the ball and passing to one of their other players there was a chance that Summer Warren, Jameeka-Lee Warren, Kaylee-Jo Bejah and Krystal Colson would get the opportunity to shoot a goal. Between them they got 12 goals. Jade Clausen stood firm as a goal defender and made good use of the ball to bring Savanna Haldane and Jordyn Norton into the attacking game. Players loved the game despite the result. Thanks to Sarah Feltus for scoring the game.

Vikings had cheers from the sideline when the girls scored their only goal in the last quarter and the other great point was the team kept Magpies scoreless in the third and fourth quarters. Vikings combination of Lori Harvey, Maygen Fricker, Juliet Hancock, Christie Bowshire and Raquell Ware all had a try in goals. Layla Culbertson kept the activity alive as the centre and wing attack. Well done to the Magpies team to use all its players to score 8 goals in the first half of the game.

How befitting it was for two St Josephs Teams to draw the game 2-2. Both the Blue and Gold teams used 8 players to enjoy the game. For the Blues Ellie Ruffles was the consistent goal attack, Luca Hamilton and Alia Khan in the defence line with Maddison Corbell put the pressure on the Gold goalies Charlotte-Sophia Ellis, Macie Meyers, Asher Gilbert and Ivy Edwards.