Game of Thrones - What did you make of the finale?


It's taken 10 years, countless hours of wondering, long debates and the annoyance of trying to explain to those who deemed it not worthy of watching, to reach the final climax.

Finally, we have the conclusion of that eighth wonder of the modern world - Game of Thrones.

So, how did the final episode stack up against your expectations?

Immediately after watching it, I found it to be a little bit of a let down.


I think I tried too hard to anticipate the ending, tried to guess who would live, who would take one for the team, and eventually who would sit on the Iron Throne.

Now that I have had time to digest it all I have decided it ended in a 'humane' way - nothing over the top, no twists and turns, just some hard decisions made by people for the betterment of their lot.

Final warning - If you don't want to know what happened do not continue!

Spoiler Alert 1

As the episode gallops along at speed, we seen Jon, Tyrion and Ser Davos trying to make sense of the devastation Dany has inflicted on King's Landing. They can hardly believe their eyes and ears.

Jon looks downtrodden as Dany gives a little smirk while she delivers a victory speech in which she wants to free the entire world.

Is she going down the path of the 'mad king'? Will she ultimately become the dictator her father tried to be?

It is fair to say there was no way Daenerys was going to be left to enjoy the throne after her little diatribe about freeing the world.

Spoiler Alert 2

On the other hand, Jon looks so melancholy as he tries to make sense of it all.

After talking to Tyrion, who by this time is awaiting his death for treason, he decides there is only one way to stop all of the madness.

As he embraces and kisses his queen next to the Iron Throne it takes him a split second to shove a well placed dagger into her breast - it is the only way in which he can save thousands of lives.

The dragon Drogon is devastated that his mother is dead and is torn about what to do, he decides to destroy the throne by fire, obviously so no one can sit atop and rule.

Spoiler Alert 3

The aftermath results in the crowning of a new monarch, and it is not Jon, who I know to be the 'Prince that was Promised'.

The lords and ladies of the kingdoms have gathered at King's Landing and, after hearing some wisdom delivered by Tyrion, they decide to choose a monarch from their own - a new ritual which will continue after the death of each chosen one - only the best person for the job will get the gig.

Bran the Broken, the First of His Name, King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Six Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm gets the nod from all who are present, except for one, his sister Sansa.

She declares that the North will again be an independent kingdom and as the final chapter closes you see her crowned.

Arya has decided she will not return to Winterfell, instead her wandering heart will continue to seek new lands and new adventures across the seas.

As for Jon, he is banished for his treasonous acts to Castle Black so he ends up whence he started - and waiting for him is his true friend, his direwolf Ghost.

The End

So the fairytale has reached its conclusion as the living Stark children grow into their own - they really do rule over kingdoms.

Arya rules the seas as she endeavours to find out what actually lies west of Westeros.

Sansa, who is one determined woman, is declared Queen in the North.

Jon leads the way above the wall, helping lead the Wildlings on their way back home.

And Bran, who rules over the six kingdoms with the wisdom on the Three-Eyed Raven.

Ned Stark would be so proud!

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