Tickle Belly Hill gets a new lease on life

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Starting with a successful Mother's Day event on May 12, husband and wife duo James and Charmaine Budd have taken over as the new owners of Tickle Belly Hill.

Tickle Belly Hill is a purpose-built function centre in the heart of the Pichi Richi Pass only 20 kilometres from Port Augusta.

The venue has been used for weddings, birthdays, Christmas parties and corporate events in the past and James and Charmaine are excited to bring regular events to the venue too.

"We just took over in May, our first event was Mother's Day which went really well," Charmaine said.

"We got really good feedback with people loving the family-friendly atmosphere. The best thing about our first event was seeing people enjoy themselves."

"What makes Tickle Belly Hill so special is the location, views of Devil's Peak and Mount Brown and the Pichi Richi Pass wrapping around the venue. That's something you can't get anywhere else."

James and Charmaine also own an event hire business and when they found out how disappointed people were when they saw the doors might be closing, and their friend Kieran from Kieran's Kitchen put the idea in their heads they couldn't push it aside.

"We were looking to expand and when this opportunity came up we decided to give it a crack," Charmaine said.

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"We are looking at opening to the general public on Sundays for coffee and cake."

"Lots of people have never been there, there's no reason to, so this will give them the chance if they've never been to a wedding there."

"This will be starting soon, we are just getting a little menu organised."

On June 16 the business will be hosting the first of what is hoped to be a regular Sunday session lineup too.

There will be live acoustic entertainment by Brie Ryan and roaming canapes from Kieran's Kitchen.

"I'm pretty excited for it," Charmaine said.

"We want to offer a one-stop-shop for events."

"The venue, food by Keiran's Kitchen plus chairs and photo booths through our hire business."

"We have had lots of interested brides, some of whom who have booked up weddings until 2021."

"Everyone who comes through books, they fall in love with the space and location."

For more information go to the website or find the business on Facebook or Instagram.