Bloods outclass under performing Reds

Round 28 of the Port Augusta Eightball Association.
Round 28 of the Port Augusta Eightball Association.

RSL Dynamite 11 d Flinders Ferals 5

The opening set in this match was tied at 2-2, but Ferals were unable to maintain the pressure and lost each of the remaining sets 1-3.

All players for Dynamite contributed to its victory, with Brenton Schulz, Clay Weidenbach and Norm Wood all winning three and Ashley Bemmerl two, from their respective four frames.

Conversely, Ferals wins were shared between Neville Karger with three and Terry Forsyth two, from their four appearances.

RSL Cannons 12 d South Bulldogs 4

Cannons produced a very even team performance to defeat Bulldogs who were coming off a very good effort in their previous match.

Cannons won all four sets by 3-1, with Ian Long the standout player, winning his four frames.

He was ably supported by James Little and Peter Greatbatch, who won three from four, and Brodie Grantham with two from four.

Best player for Bulldogs was Dewayne Pieters who won three of his team's four games.

Central Bloods 15 d Central Red 1

The Red team was completely outclassed in this encounter by a rampant Bloods team that was unlucky not to have won all 16 frames.

Ben Thorpe, Brodie Tuip and Scott Mackinlay were all undefeated with four wins apiece, whilst Joseph Langford won three from four.

The Red team probably contributed to their demise with a record number of fouls for the evening.

Travellers Rest Gunners 12 d PABC Assassins 4

After tying the opening set at 2-2, Gunners slipped into top gear to convincingly win the remaining three sets by 10 frames to 2.

They were again led by Anthony Grantham who won his four frames, whilst his team mates in Tim Allport and Brenton Williams with three and Troy Coe two from four all lending healthy support.

For Assassins, Josh Grantham won two of his four frames to be best player for his team.

Travellers Rest Blue 11 d Stirling North Progress Cougars 5

Howie Reid produced a season's best effort for the Blue team when he won his four frames to lead the team to a comprehensive victory against a depleted Cougars team.

The Blue team got off to a flyer, winning the first set by 4-0. It looked as though they would have an easy night.

Although Cougars managed to tie the third and fourth sets, the damage had been done.

Reid was well supported by his team mates in an all-round effort.

Terry McKenzie won three from four and Keith Evans and Christine White each won two of their four frames.

Cougars were best served by William Tucker and Dylan Baker in a disappointing night, with two from four.