Railways resist Magpies challenge | GALLERY

A Grade Railways exploded into a leading first quarter 11-8. What a difference a game makes when Claire Schupelius comes to play commander of the Railways court. Schupelius blasted away at the goal ring with success and tore up and down two thirds of the court. Helpful to the goal circle strength was Peyton Fuller. P Fuller was evenly matched up with Magpies Keeper Jessie Maule who intercepted ill-thought out Railways passes. There were times when Railways led too early and had to wait motionless for a pass. That was not a good idea. Maule had the flaw covered as well as possessing missed shots when either Railways goalies could not position to rebound. The great defending work by both Maule and Ellie Packard provided turnover opportunity for Magpies goalies to close the scoring gap. And they did close the gap.

At half time Magpies were only two goals behind. Magpies Kate Brusnahan was not the least bit intimidated by Railways defenders Lily Fullerton and Brynn Byron-Boles. Each game Kate is going from strength to strength. Some of her success can be accredited to the battling hard work that Aysha Zada does outside and inside the circle including the tough mid-range shots. Although Victoria Glen retired injured Alyce Bertelsmeier slotted into the Magpies Centre position like a tuned in understudy combining well with Talia Berry and Kelsey Ellis to push play to positive Magpies territory.

The game came down to the last quarter. Give credit where it is due. Railways has a strong midcourt line-up in Mikala Fuller, Laurie Haynes and Jaedina Rose Venning. Not only are they a fit unit but tenacious to the point of diving and flying for the ball to save and intercept misguided passes. This dynamic approach put Magpies under pressure. Praise to Magpies for keeping up with the well drilled Railways unit. The result came down to which set of defenders could break down the scoring wall and it was Railways Lily Fullerton and Brynn Byron-Boles who won the turnovers. A lot of desperation was employed by both teams. Although Railways brilliantly won 48-43 Magpies demonstrated that it is not a 'one minute wonder'. Beware of the swooping Magpies around finals time.


A habit is beginning to form with fourth quarter ambushes. St Josephs had to come up with a surprising strategy to shake Vikings off its endeavors to snatch the win. Vikings was stunned when Goal Shooter Lisa Welfare swapped to Goal Keeper and Taylor-Lee Breen slipped into the Goal Shooter position. What a dream move it was. Goal Attack Lucy Janiak gallantly took responsibility and shot an incredible 15 goals. Breen who backed herself with one goal created the space in the circle and there was none of the 'pass into the circle and pass back out again' business. Janiak received the pass and shot regardless of the distance.

St Josephs' confidence was high and Vikings regardless of its best efforts started to falter in its attacking maneuvers. A special mention goes to St Josephs' Maia Scharenberg. In her inaugural full A grade game Maia matched and at times outplayed her opposing player. Maia understood her role and held a worthy placement for St Josephs.

Vikings game plan was credible and going boldly well. Players shone when they should have, but got tested in the last quarter. Welfare paired with Courtney Webb was able to faze Vikings shooting duo Tiana Freeman and Lara Etchells into rethinking their approach to shaping up to shoot. Passes from Brittany Pascoe and Casey Lukich had to be precise. When the passes were not exact St Josephs defenders rewarded themselves with possessions which brought Janiak into the realm of an unbelievable world of accuracy to gift St Josephs to a 22-17, 12-13, 8-12, 16-9 (58-49) win.


The well respected Quorn team of Finlay members, Chelsea Fraser, Claire Mckenry and Kate George had a challenge on their hands with Magpies. The blistering third quarter from Magpies goalies Georgia Irvine and Ebony Janiak shook Quorn into fright mode. From a half time lead 28-24 Quorn slipped to 38-41. Never think Quorn cannot rise to the occasion. Its midcourt players led by Angie Finlay energised others to up the stamina to overpower the fluent Magpies play. The vigor worked a treat. The last quarter belonged to Quorn 15-10 to take the game 53-51.

Railways and St Josephs always have a very competitive clash. St Josephs Courtney Hannigan kept a tight rein on the best elusive sharp scoring Railways goalie Eliza Parker. If the effectiveness of Parker can be reduced the opposition has a chance to a win. At three quarter time St Josephs led 33-31. Charlotte Hill and Tylah Winton shared the centre position to maintain a fresh approach through the midcourt for St Josephs. Paris Thompson, Brooke Groth and Tara Nayda were relentless in their possession seizes. When it mattered the most in the icy cold conditions Tara Hogg and Annie Packard found accuracy on their side to out blast Railways by 7 goals in the last quarter to earn the 46-37 win.


Shamrocks Green led each quarter over Vikings 14-8, 11-9, 17-8, 6-0 (48-33). Shakira Doolan and Kalaysha Amos upgraded from G Grade got a chance to enhance the Shamrocks line-up with their ability to break free from defenders to assist with passes to goalies Monica Tunks and Louise Briggs. Vikings defenders Kolynda Reyers and Grace Hill tried hard to curb the goal scoring but the real tactic was for centre player Amber Lawler to have the pathway to get the ball to Viki Bratt so that goalies Kate Hansen and Melissa Sharp could match Shamrocks goal score. It was a battle that was not won.

Magpies played nine players to keep fresh legs running in its attempt to outstay St Josephs. The game went fluently for St Josephs. Every player gave their best efforts and it paid dividends. Tayler Barnes and Mackenzie Hodge found goal scoring success regardless of Magpies Chloe Hunter, Chantelle and Demi-Jo Roads paying close attention to defending. The passing from Eliza Edwards, Alana A Maloney and Madeline Press through the midcourt to the St Josephs goalies kept confidence high when goals resulted.

The most difficult task in the game was to keep Magpies goalies Mary Allen, Shawuana Kennedy and Leah Brown from getting into a comfortable role of scoring goals. St Joseph defenders Zali Holtham and Peta Guidolin were able to achieve the conclusion. St Josephs secured a good 50-37 win.


Vikings has a very good versatile team of players. Elizabeth Ticehurst fed goalies Krysten Hancock and Denise Phillips precisely with exemplary results. Goals rained. Their defence line adjusted to maintain a stronghold over Railways goalies Shannon Thompson (U15), Jade Barry and Stephanie Wall. Vikings were in hot form to win 56-25.

Shamrocks Yellow had a hard time trying to control Magpies-Rebels. Kathryn Piekkala, Joanne Strangways, Jhansi Krishman and Erin Connellan (retired injured) were a forceful defence line for the Rebels. It was the second half of the game that Shamrocks felt at ease to respond to the Rebel dominance. Shamrocks defenders Leonie Amos, Lechae Allen had success in earning turnovers which brought Tamika Fielding and Taya Waters into the game to flow the ball to their goalies. The early start by Magpies-Rebels goalies Elicia Amato, Paige Corbett and Veronica Strangways grasped the 39-24 win.

U13 DIV 1

St Josephs and Vikings played a heart stopper of a game. St Josephs defenders Ella Humphrys and Zara Heritage had to be on their toes ready to jump and to change direction to combat the moves and rebounding supremacy of Vikings goalies Kelis Jackson-Martin and Macey Badcock. It was a close encounter. In the last quarter St Josephs had Lilah Hill and Jada Grosser combining well to get the winning goals for the 23-22 win.

It was the unbelievable second quarter 15-1 from Railways that thwarted Magpies idea of focussing on a win. Instead the players swapped positions to enjoy their time on the court. Goal scorers Tia Buckskin and Kyra Mahomed set the scene for Railways to allow coaching changes so that Ebanee Brame could experience playing as centre, wing attack and goal defence. Taylah Noll came out of defence to have a go in the goal circle. The friendly win belonged to Railways 40-20.