Unsung heroes of our town

I want to say a few words about the unsung heroes of our town, and they are the people of the emergency services. The Police. Ambos. CFS/MFS. SES.

Most of these people are volunteers in this community to help you!

Like many others I'm getting fed up with the brainless thugs who think its 'big' to kick, bash and belt these people for doing their job. Protecting our community!

I used to be a prison officer some years ago, so I know what it's like to be bashed and belted by some scum high on drugs or having a bad day with his relationship.

It's not pretty. But, as the saying goes...someone has to do it.

I've got the utmost respect for our law enforcement people and indeed the ambos, given the fact they are at the coalface if someone high on ice decides to have a go without warning.

I want to say something about the judiciary here and the MPs in the house.

Make laws that will stick ... and stick hard!

Discounting a person's sentence to me is not the way to go.

They do their time, get out and repeat the offence again.

How many people have thought about the fact that in prison a prisoner in reality doesn't have to think for themselves ... the system does that for them.

It's about time this state toughened up the laws instead of a judge or magistrate opting for the easy way out and collecting a box of chocolates and a bunch of flowers at the end of the day.

That to me is weak! Dead weak!

I thought the Weatherill government was soft on crime, well the Marshall government hasn't done any better to date and there's still three years to go before the next election.

People, think about these matters, please before another law abiding emergency services person gets bashed, kicked and belted all because they're doing their job!

Rob Williams, Port Augusta

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