St Josephs dominate in Magpies clash

A Grade

Magpies were disappointed in the outcome of its clash against St Josephs. The team was one step, then two steps behind St Josephs except for the third quarter when they outscored the opposition by one goal. Overall Magpies did not exhibit its past weeks glorious team game. Without Lisa Welfare St Josephs faced this game with trepidation but were totally astonished at half time to be in the lead 30-16. All its players were in superb form including Annie Packard and Maia Scharenberg who stepped in to fill the vacancies.

Taylor-Lee Breen and Courtney Webb nullified the Magpies goal scoring strategies albeit that Magpies' goalies Aysha Zada and Kate Brusnahan seared all the energy and moves they could muster. Leah Carling as usual was the steady flawless playmaker for St Joseph, keeping the team on track with its game plan.

The third quarter Magpies blast can be given credit to Jessie Maule and Ellie Packard who found a way to unsettle the free flow of play to St Josephs' goalies A Packard and Lucy Janiak. St Joseph owned this game 55-37.

Vikings did everything to crush the dominance of Railways goal attack Claire Schupelius. Kym Bishop had a go, then Phoebe Hunter and lastly Erin Egel. All the self-doubt set in at half time when Vikings were down 22-30. It could be sensed that a rollover was on the cards. Railways Jaedina-Rose Venning was a supportive sharp shooting goalie to Schupelius. Mikala Fuller and Laurie Haynes gave enormous drive through the midcourt saving off-balance close line passes and choosing the right pass into the goalies. Railways were on fire.

There was need to hustle and bustle for the ball. Peyton Fuller and Lily Fullerton positioned themselves well and readjusted their drifting defence tactics to gain interceptions and rebounds in Vikings goal circle. There was no mistaking Railways intent for the 60-39 win.

G Grade

As the game progressed Shamrocks Green just kept getting more determined to secure the win over Quorn. At half time goalies Serena Amos and Delicia Amos had set the scene with the 19-10 lead. Its defence line was reliable. Sharntaye Rehutai, Kalaysha Amos and Rachel Amos combined together well to outwit the Quorn scoring power. Quorn tried many positional changes to slow the scoring rate of Shamrocks however it did not alter the outcome. Shamrocks Green stuck to its winning code 46-24

St Josephs had a fourth quarter 16-5 burst that quelled the winning desires of Magpies. Well done Courtney Cox and Ebony Ramke in finding the space in the goal ring to score. What could Magpies defenders do with the goal raining situation? Right to the end Karla Lehmann and Hannah Miklavec aided by Amanda Havelberg never gave up hope. Junior players U15 Taya Duhring and Zohie MacKinlay gave added zip to the team as did U15 Zara Heritage for St Josephs. The win went to St Josephs 50-31.